Choosing the right mapping tools is the first step to enhancing your company’s functioning. Different data visualization tools can help business owners identify key trends, strategies, and pertinent information from your consumer details than a simple spreadsheet. These programs integrate your business information with advanced geolocation, connecting datasets and CRM into understandable content.

These benefits can extend into multiple areas within the business, whether trying to improve sales productivity or identify underserved populations. Mapping software can help business owners reduce travel costs or develop adequate delivery boundaries. Finally, sales managers can assess and adjust upcoming sales territories, adjusting their teams accordingly.

What is Mapping Software?

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Mapping software uses GIS (geographic information systems) to combine datasets with mapping functionality. The result is a particular map that benefits virtually every sector. Some mapping tools will offer the basic map functionality, while others incorporate a real-time approach to route development, territory assessment, and sales targets. To help you choose the right mapping software, here are five different mapping tools to match your needs:


For users expecting more from their mapping software, Maptive is a fantastic choice. Maptive works by converting your data into highly customized Google maps within minutes. The software allows a free trial for all users without inputting their credit cards. Features and functionality are extensive, combining powerful maps with integrated demographics. Users can filter their data by different options, including number ranges, dates, categories, and more. Likewise, business owners can capitalize on other route options using the highly functional route-optimization mapping tools. Maps include real-time updates, including traffic, construction, and new builds.

If you’re looking for software that goes everywhere you are, Maptive’s cloud-based functionality keeps you connected on the move. Users can access the program from virtually any device at any time. There’s something for everyone with multiple map types available (including heat maps and radius maps).

Finally, Maptive is incredibly user-friendly. With a simple user interface and no coding required, even inexperienced working professionals can develop or implement maps effortlessly. When finished, users can implement the turn-by-turn directions in the Maptive platform or email a copy to their mobile devices. Once finished, Maptive offers exporting, sharing, and professional printing options (up to poster size) for presentations.


Mapping Software

This GIS software offers the benefits of desktop mapping and spatial analysis with new and exciting features. This program helps companies uncover hidden patterns within spreadsheets, highlighting your data effortlessly. The program functions on a one-time purchase, connecting users with demographics, customized maps, and integrated data to interpret how geography influences your business decisions.


This simple GIS software integrates over fifty mapping components through Adobe Illustrator to develop functional maps. Users can import GIS data formats to create professional maps, including georeferencing. MAPublisher uses Adobe Illustrator to function, meaning business owners will need a valid subscription to access the full functionality. Users can add new information or edit maps simultaneously. Map options include thematic maps, graphic styles, or point symbols based on the rules you create.


This mapping software helps businesses bring their data to life using spatial relationships. Many file types are supported, including spreadsheets and standard geospatial files. The program allows data hosting, or users can opt to host it on their infrastructure. ESRI is a desktop software that may limit functionality outside the office but offers many mapping features and functions.



Mapline is a geo management platform that allows businesses to leverage the current location-based information from their data. Mapline integrates heat maps, territories, and segmentation to reveal hidden insight into your data. Businesses can analyze company performance, develop schedules, and create workflow operations from the user’s dashboard. Finally, your company can integrate the GeoDispatch functionality to determine the time windows, shortest trip, or any capacity constraints with your logistics team.


Choosing the best mapping tools starts with understanding what you need from the program. If you’re looking for basic software that isn’t going to offer real-time demographics, desktop software is probably the best option. Alternatively, choose mapping tools that provide integrated services if you want to incorporate Google Maps functionality into your mapping software. With turn-by-turn navigation and polygon drivetime capabilities, some programs are inept at offering “live” services and should be considered accordingly.

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