In this day and age, the workplace is often a virtual space rather than a physical office with a workstation. To promote better work-life balance, many companies worldwide have started offering flexible and remote working to their employees.

But it’s with this year’s COVID-19 pandemic that the workplace has experienced a true revolution. An unprecedented number of people are now working from their home offices. In all likelihood, this might go on for a long time, with businesses and individuals embracing this “new normal”.

This is why, now more than ever, enhancing and promoting collaboration in the workplace should become a need rather than a choice. How? With great collaborative project management software.

Finding the Right Tools for Your Business

When you work from your home and are physically distanced from your colleagues and clients, you need a way to communicate and cooperate effectively.

How can you achieve this? Learning the best choice can be tricky, with so many options available.

Don’t worry: here we show you our top five collaborative project management software.

1. For Those Who Are Tight on Budget

Not all businesses can afford to invest huge amounts of cash in collaborative software. Luckily, there are great options out there that are (almost) free to use.

The best one is ClickUp. This tool features a comprehensive package consisting of email, calendar, goals, reminders, and docs.

Taking task management to the next level, ClickUp offers companies a free trial. After that, prices start at just $5 per user, per month. Considering all the stuff that’s included, this is a great bargain.

2. For Those Who Can Afford a Bit More

If you run a large and profitable company, you might want to look into a more snazzy project management software.

Wrike could be right up your street. Optimized for teams of any size (including very large ones), this tool is user-friendly and highly customizable.

It features over 400 native integrations including Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Salesforce and Marketo, and prices start at $9,80 per user, per month.

3. For Creative Teams

Designers, writers, and other creatives will need a slightly different type of collaborative project management software.

For example, Smartsheet could be an excellent choice. This software offers excellent, real-time, and easy-to-use capabilities to share and collaborate on content.

If you are looking to boost the design, copywriting, or marketing skills of your company, then this is the right tool for you.

4. For Those Who Value Simplicity

Project management software doesn’t have to be complicated or unfriendly to use. While most of the products that we talked about here are user-friendly and intuitive, there’s one that brings these features to the next level.

You guessed it, it’s Its whole focus is to simplify all aspects of project management while boosting collaboration between teams.

It achieves this through dashboards and automations, as well as the ability to drag and drop information.

5. For Project Managers

We couldn’t compile a list of the best project management software without including our pick specifically for project managers.

We’re talking about Asana. This is a fantastic and versatile product that allows to optimize project management tasks as well as work on strategic initiatives. It brings people together and boosts collaborative efforts thanks to its in-built apps.

Millions of people across 190 countries already use Asana and are raving about it. If you think this might be the right choice for you, you should check it out today.

Collaborative Project Management Software Helps You Thrive

Working remotely can still offer plenty of opportunities to collaborate effectively among teams and individuals.

Select the collaborative project management software that best suits your company’s needs, and start thriving today.

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