We all Android users are aware of Cyanogen’s naming policy, The Android Marshmallow is already up in the market. CM13 is the Cyanogen’s Android marshmallow version, prior to CM13, there was CM12 for Android Lollipop devices. Themes help in making the CyanogenMod ROM look according to our requirements.

Best CM13 Themes for Android Phone

By using the CyanogenMod Theme, we change the skin and the interface of the existing ROM. The Android Marshmallow is not yet available on most of the devices, so many people shift to “Cyanogen’s CM13” to get the Android Marshmallow on their devices. Thought CyanogenMod looks cool, but people still want something fancy, That’s the reason why we are here up with the list of Best CM13 themes for your Android Phone on CM13.

Best CM13 Themes for Android Phone.

And it brings in much more surprises for CM ROM fans such as Fingerprint support, Multi window support, refreshing new UI, better battery management etc. The popularity of Cyanogenmod is attributed to its customization features and performance enhancement. Hence, making it the most preferred choice over Stock ROMS.

Despite its ease of access and customization, all of us want to show off our ‘swag’ browsing through the phone. So, here we present before you the best CM13 themes! Note that all CM 12/12.1 themes are compatible with CM 13 and vice versa.


The Star Wars fever certainly made us choose the dark side when it comes to themes. Deep darkness is one of those themes that transforms your phone into dark mode and by doing it makes it super stylish.

Deep Darkness CM13 Theme

The advantage of such themes is not only conservation of power but easier viewing at all times. The plus with this theme is that it can used on absolutely any device running the CM ROM. And with that added bonus, users owning black phones are in great luck as the theme soothes with the exterior.

The theme is so good that it convinces you to choose the dark side and never leave it. If you are a fan of dark themes with no modifications to CM Menus, this theme is the way to go. And joining the dark side is totally FREE too.

Swift Theme for CM13.

Swift theme is the Boss of retro themes. And it comes in black.
It does not modify any of the already perfect styles. Instead it brings grace to those which often matter.

Swift CM13 Theme.

The themed System UI is what we loved the most about this theme. And it comes with a retro wallpaper and a bonus bootanimation.

However, there is a backside to a certain extent. The applications themed are very limited. And operating systems without the theme engine are not supported making it ideal for regressive users who dig the retro style.

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Blur CM13 Theme.

We wouldn’t really call this a theme. We would instead call it a Mood Enhancer. Blur is one of those themes that makes your phone feel like a soft piece of cotton.

Blur CM13 Theme

The colors in the theme make working around your phone a soothing affair. The color blur lives up to the name of the theme. But, is in no way affecting the overall visibility. If calm and composure is what you seek, this theme could be of great help.

Material Up Theme for CM13.

As the very name suggests, it is materialistic theme. If you are not familiar with material designs, grab the nearest Moto phone and look about for the pre loaded wallpapers. Material Up is a complete package of applying material design to your phone. It would be an understatement if we say that it is just a theme. The theme adds color and life to almost all the apps you use.

MaterialUp CM13 ThemeIt soothes into those slight imperfections of CM ROM and makes them delightfully colorful. It literally transforms your phone into a material power house including icons, contacts, animations, modes etc). If you are a fan of material design, do try this out.

Ubuntu Dark CM12/13 Theme.

The Ubuntu dark theme is the answer to the question ‘How Ubuntu feels in a smartphone?’. The obvious styling include the amazing Ubuntu font, wallpaper and sounds.

Ubuntu Dark CM13 Theme

In addition to the themed fonts and colors, the theme brings the elegance of Ubuntu to Contacts, Google apps and Icons. Again, the downside is that it runs in ROMs with theme engine. And trust us, this is strictly for Ubuntu lovers.

Vibrance CM13 Theme.

Vibrance is for those people who like to keep their phones colorful. This theme is a mosaic of all the colors you can imagine. It’s a treasure with gems of all colors.

Vibrance CM13 Theme

After applying the theme, there is a hard chance you will find same colors on the screen again. The theme is compatible with so many apps that you will notice if an app is not themed. To those who like to play with colors, Vibrance is must-try.

PopUI – CM13 Theme.

PopUI Cm13 Theme

PopUI is no where related to what its name suggests.
The theme is very simplistic. It rejuvenates the usually boring colors with refreshing colors. It is for those who like to keep things sweet and simple.

Cosmos Theme for CM13

Cosmos is a starry theme. If you are not satisfied with a space wallpaper, this theme is a great addition. It is futuristic yet retains most of the native features of CM13.


A good number of applications are themed accordingly. The downside, however remains that it demands a considerable amount of RAM and a high resolution screen to best experience the beauty of this theme.

Galaxy S6 Theme for CM13.

Not very much to say here as well. This theme literally transforms your phone into a Samsung Galaxy S6. You wouldn’t be surprised we are saying that after trying it for yourself.

Galaxy S6 CM13 Theme

The theme replicates Touchwiz in those areas where it scored brownie points. The bonus is certainly the S6 control components and settings which makes the phone a little closer to Samsung’s flagship phone right now.

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