Android Lollipop has been one of the most different android update ever. The Lollipop update doesn’t only brings in the concept of materialistic design but also comes with a lot many unlocked APIs which could make developing on the platform easier. CyanogenMod, an android community which makes custom roms for android devices. If you aren’t aware about CM12, then CM12 is referred as Android Lollipop version for CM12.Best Free CM12 Themes for Android Lollipop{adinserter 3}Though Android Lollipop looks “colorful” but everyone has a different taste. So for people with different tastes,  Themes let you select the taste of your choice. In this post you will be introduced to 5+ best working CM12 Themes to make your device look the way you want. So lets begin with the list.


The name itself suggests about the theme. This theme tries to give the glossy look to the materialistic design of Android. It makes the elements on the screen translucent. Every element used to make the theme is translucent. You open Play Store or Settings app or any other Android app, you will see the dark black hue interface and not the regular background of the apps.

Magic Glass Cm12 Theme Image

You will be allowed to apply the theme styles at the following areas: Status bar, Navigation bar, wallpapers, lock wallpapers, boot animations, keyboards, notifications, icons, fonts. On top of all such features, the theme is free of cost and works smooth.

[appbox googleplay]

Though it is one of the best themes for CM12, but there are some cases which might cause problems to theme. To overcome the problems you can check the Theme Notes in the description section of this app on Playstore.

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DEEP darkness theme is another dark piece. This theme will create a deep impression on you if you like black color. The black color is accompanied by the neon shades. The neon shades would be found on the navigation bar and the navigation bar. The theme also comes with a huge number of icons and the one’s who have donated also gets access to more social icons.

Deep Darkness CM12 Theme Images

The theme style is applied at: Framework-res (System Framework), calculator, camera, contacts, dialer, gallery, keyboard, contacts, MMS, systemUI, settings, playstore and many more google apps.

[appbox googleplay com.blissroms.moelle.deepdarknesscm12]

As read from reviews of many users on Playstore, the users haven’t faced issues with this theme, however in case you face issues with the theme you can contact the developer via reviews on Playstore.


Mind is another great CM12 theme which comes with the combination of two attractive colors – Orange and Turquoise Blue. The turquoise blue notification bar with orange accent and white icons creates an impression on the first look.


This theme scheme is applied to the entire UI and works with many apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many stock Android apps. The color makes the main color of these apps as “Turquoise Blue” and “Orange/White” as the secondary color and “White/Orange” as the supporting color.

[appbox googleplay com.quarttz.impress.mind]

Though it looks perfect and is a decent theme, users have reported that they’ve faced bootloops after installing the theme. The developer has asked the user not to apply the theme on “Bootloops” for stable usage.


This theme doesn’t actually feel like a “Theme”. It becomes difficult to differentiate between stock Android Lollipop and this theme. But the stock Android Lollipop shows the same color combination everywhere and is not much colorful.

Zyxxeil CM12 Android Lollipop Theme Download

The ZYXX UI Theme has looks like stock Lollipop UI, but it gives vibrant colors to the user interface. Here’s the Themed content which the ZYXX plays with Fonts, setting, dialer, contacts, calculator, downloads, play music, play games, Play store, Google apps, notification bar, boot Animations etc.

[appbox googleplay com.zyxxeil.elixium.ui]

No issues were reported by any user in the reviews, but in case you face any issues you can contact the developer. In case of boot loops you don’t apply the theme for boot animations.

End? No this list is not going to end, We will keep updating! You can simply comment the Free CM12 you are using on your phone and why do you love it, if we really find the theme attractive and worth coming under the list of best CM12 themes, then we would surely update the post and add with proper credits to the one who has referred it!

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