Chess is among the most popularly played games across the planet. The game is centuries old and is one of those rare games that have a global appeal. It is a simple game where each piece on the board has a particular set of properties. It is a game enjoyed by a 9-year-old as well as a 99-year-old. You can play chess on your Android smartphones too. Here, we will take a look at the ten best chess apps for Android users.

Best Chess Games for Android

Also, note that this is about chess apps and not just chess games. There are some apps which help you learn the game with the aid of guides, puzzles, and daily challenges. The difficulty level increase as your progress. There are other apps which let you play chess with people over the internet. There are some who does both. Let take a quick look at some of the best chess apps for Android users.

Best Chess Apps for Android Users

While there are more than ten apps to play the Chess game and learn about it, these are the ones we selected after trying and testing many games. For making them easy to find, we’ve added the Google Play Store links, so you can download and begin playing the game. – Play and Learn

One of the most popular chess apps for Android devices, this app is developed by the popular chess website which allows users to create an account and play chess with other users from around the world. With this app, you can do it on your phone!

In addition to multiplayer gaming, the game allows you to customize your chess set, as well as learn the game. There are over 50,000 puzzles, training modes, and lessons which will help you learn the game. Moreover, you can also play along with your friends, as well as against the CPU. The chess app for Android comes with a forum and also provides the users with a number of articles helping them stay updated on the game.

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Chess with Friends

Another popular name when it comes to chess apps for Android, Chess with Friends allows you to do exactly what its name suggests – play chess with friends. It allows you to play against your friends, as well as random people from the internet. The game features a practice mode too where you can hit the ropes before you go for an actual game.

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Play Magnus Chess

Norweign Chessmaster Magnus Carlsen is the current chess champion. One of the brightest minds of the 21st century when it comes to the game of chess. Many wish that they could play like he plays, or play against him. However, the Chessmaster doesn’t really have time to play against everyone. Hence the solution came as a game.

Designed after a careful analysis of a large number of games from Magnus Carlsen, this app was developed. One of the best chess apps for Android users, this app makes you feel as if you’re competing against Carlsen himself. Difficulty levels can be adjusted by adjusting Carlsen’s age in the game. If you’re really good, you might get to play with Magnus Carlsen himself (though we suspect that’s just the marketing).

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A game strongly recommended for those who want to play chess. CT-ART comes with over 4000 exercises and a large number of topics which the users can learn. Each of these exercises aims at teaching the user a new kind of tactic. One of the best chess apps for those who want to learn the game, this is more about learning chess than about playing the game. This is a great game for learners.

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Chess Master King

Developed by Mobirix, the Chess Master King app is another of the most popular chess apps for Android smartphones. It supports multiplayer gameplay, tournament mode, replays and a number of other similar features. This is designed keeping in mind the needs of users with large screened devices. It comes with a practice mode which features 5 difficulty levels.

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One of the most popular chess apps on Android by a number of downloads and ratings, the app simply titled ‘Chess’ is used by millions of users from across the planet to play chess. It offers everything you would expect from a chess app. This app has been developed by AI Factory. It comes with various levels of difficulty and has achievements which users could unlock. Moreover, this app also offers cloud storage so that all your game stats and records are stored forever.

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Chess Tactics Pro

One of the best chess apps for Android devices for users who want to sharpen their chess skills – Chess tactics pro is not your regular chess game. It is meant for those users who want to improve their gameplay. It comes with a large number of puzzles as well as offline puzzle packs. It is one of the best ways to learn new tactics and improve your game.

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DroidFish Chess

An advanced app for power users, Droidfish chess is one of the most powerful chess apps for android users. It comes with a number of advanced features such as¬†PGN, FEN, and EPD support. Basically, this game allows users to bring in various chess engines and tablebases customized for a proper experience. We won’t recommend this app for new users though.

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Real Chess

Real Chess is one of the best, most visually appealing chess apps for Android. The app comes with a 3D board which is really good looking (You also have the option to revert to a 2D board if you find a 3D board distracting). Moreover, the game also offers online multiplayer support, as well as board themes, in-game chats, and a whopping 2400 difficulty levels! The game also works on a portrait mode.

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Chess Live

Another popular name when it comes to the best chess apps for Android devices, live chess offers the users with a great look and feel as well as a decent number of playing options. The game includes 1 player mode, 2 player mode, as well as online gameplay. The game is developed by Italy games and has over 300,000 ratings on the Google Play Store and between 10 Million to 50 Million downloads.

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