Call Recording apps for Android smartphones are among some of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. Millions of users make use of these apps so that all that they talk is recorded on their device – this ensures that they don’t forget what they talked about. It is even useful when you want to write something down but has nothing to write with nearby.

Sometimes it is even useful for being a proof of conversation. These often prove to be critical when you’re looking forward to proving something in a court case, or even in a regular conversation. There are times when you get a golden idea while you’re in the middle of a conversation – you can listen to the call recordings and remember what this was. These apps are quite useful and we have prepared a list of the best call recording apps for Android users:

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

There’s no dearth of call recording apps for Android users. Let us take a look at the best of them and what makes them so special. All these apps are available to download from the Google Play Store and we have provided the link below each of them for your convenience. Let’s us now look into the best call recording apps for Android.

Call Recorder – ACR

ACR, which stands for ‘Another Call Recorder’ is not just another call recording app for Android. It is considered to be among one of the best apps when it comes to recording calls. The app allows some really amazing features such as the ability to search recordings, to sort and group them via date, exclude certain numbers from being recorded and more.

The app also supports a direct integration with Dropbox and Google Drive so that your recordings can be directly moved into the cloud with ease. An auto-email feature will send you the recording as a mail.

Download Call Recorder: ACR

All Call Recorder

All Call Recorder comes out into the markets with a very basic but effective User Interface. The app doesn’t provide many fancy functions but delivers when it is needed to. All Call Recorder is among the best call recording apps for Android as it does the job it is supposed to do perfectly. The app records all incoming and outgoing calls from your phone.

All the conversations recorded by the All Call Recorder app are saved as 3GP files on your phone. These files can be easily shared over e-mail, messengers, cloud storage etc. It is easy to use and comes with a very basic User Interface.

Download All Call Recorder

Galaxy Call Recorder

Another popular name when it comes to the best call recording apps for Android, the Galaxy Call Recorder offers the users with a large number of features. The app is feature heavy and runs smoothly on most devices. What is interesting here that it is still quite simple to use even though it is heavily loaded with features.

The Galaxy Call Recorder app allows users to record calls in two modes, manual and automatic. It can allow smart disabling of recordings such as when you plug in headphones or connect a call to Bluetooth speakers. You can also exclude some contacts from getting recorded. There is also a provision in the app which allows the users to automatically delete certain recordings when they get old.

Download Galaxy Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder 

This is one of the most popular and most commonly used call recorder apps for Android smartphones. The Automatic Call Recorder app does what any other app does, except that it also features one of the most simple and easy to use UIs ever. Not only does the app allow you to record calls and listen to them, it also allows you to add notes to these recordings.

The app stores each call temporarily. The user can either decide to ‘save’ the call for future and if the conversation is not as important, it can be left ignored and will automatically be wiped out as the ‘inbox’ gets full. The Automatic Call Recorder app allows the users to send these call recordings directly to their Dropbox or Google Drive account with ease. There are also settings that allow you to exclude recordings from certain users.

Download Automatic Call Recorder

Total Call Recorder

A more recent name on the list, the app is a rising star. Total Call Recorder is a call recording app for Android users which allows them to record and store phone calls on their devices with ease. The app allows the users to easily share files over Bluetooth as well as various messaging apps and instant messengers.

It comes with a number of pre-set functions which allow you to either record all contacts, exclude all contacts, record some contacts or exclude some contacts. However, there have been some controversies around the app such as the inclusion of too many ads which is likely to be resolved soon.

Download Total Call Recorder

RMC Android Call Recorder

RMC, which stands for Record My Call is a simple yet multi-functional app for recording calls on Android smartphones. It comes with two modes – manual and automatic. In the manual mode, the button that pops up to record your call can be moved anywhere in the screen to suit your convenience. This app comes with support for multiple file formats such as mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav.

One of the best call recording apps for Android, the RMC Android Call Recorder can automatically upload your recorded calls to Dropbox and Google Drive. The app also supports setting up of a passcode which ensures that the files that you record are safe with you. You can also gain volume here by multiplying audio input from within the app – which makes recordings louder.

Download RMC Android Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder 2017

The Auto Call Recorder 2017 is an exceptional app. While most call recorder apps for Android look like they’ve come straight out of Android 2.2, this one comes with a very unique, modern day, fluid interface. The look and feel of the app is really good and it is also good at the task it is meant for. The Auto Call Recorder 2017 records all incoming and outgoing calls on your phone.

The app can record calls in HD sound quality and can identify unknown callers too. The app records calls in 3GPP and MP4 formats. Auto Call Recorder 2017 offers the users the ability to password protect their app so that the recordings cannot be accessed by anyone else. Moreover, it offers all of this for free of cost – unlike other apps where you need to purchase a premium version to unlock some features.

Download Auto Call Recorder 2017

Smart Auto Call Recorder

One of the best call recording apps for Android, the Smart Auto Call Recorder comes out into the markets with a number of features – most of them aimed at simplifying your call recording experience. The app is meant for auto call recording and that is its highlight. Users of the app can set up a passcode or a pattern to protect their recordings from being played by unwanted people.

Moreover, the smart auto call recorder app for Android smartphones allows the users to select the file format that they want to download apps in. You can easily share your files over mail, messaging or even over bluetooth. The app also comes with a feature to auto delete files after a pre-set time period.

Download Smart Auto Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder 

The app claims to be the #1 call recording app for Android users of 2017. The claims aren’t baseless as the app is pretty damn good too. Users can set certain pre-set rules which will prompt the app to record or ignore recording the call. You can select who to record, who not to record and more. Moreover, the app also has an interesting  feature called ‘shake to record’ where the recording begins when you shake your phone!

The app provides a crystal clear MP3 recording – as well as automatic synchronization with Dropbox which ensures all your recordings are stored on your cloud storage. It releases frequent updates to squash any bugs that might be a part of the app on newer smartphones! The Automatic Call Recorder app comes out with a great UI too! This is one of the best call recording apps for Android smartphones.

Download Automatic Call Recorder