Usage of smartphones have become popular, a large number of people use their smartphone as their primary music device. Although, smartphones don’t provide a great “Audio output”, replacing a smartphone with something else isn’t possible. While replacing the smartphone isn’t possible, carrying an extra audio device every time isn’t feasible.


While, we are aware of the fact that smartphones of today can never be as good as the proper full-fledged audio device, we also know about “Equalizers”. They help the users get the best out of their smartphone. Thanks to equalizers, users can tweak the quality of the music output to make it sound better – let us take a look at the top 10 Android Equalizers

Top 10 Android Equalizers

Google Play Store is full of apps, search a term and you will be able to see a lot of apps. We also are aware of the fact that the Google Play Store apps aren’t well monitored and even bad apps come on the top. That’s why we are here with the list of 10 best equalizers for your android phone. These equalizers have been well-tested by us and are free from malware and unwanted ads.

1. Equalizer Music Player from Mobosoft

android-equalizers-2Equalizer Music Player is a mighty good equalizer, and it offers amazing audio playback as well. The official play store description for the same highlights that it is a “professional” music player.

True to its name, it does offer a high quality audio output! It features a 5 band Equalizer, and offers the users with a number of presets. The bass boost effect of Equalizer Music Player is indeed incredible.

Equalizer Music Player

2. Equalizer – Music Bass Booster from Music Hero

android-equalizers-3Another popular name when it comes to Android Equalizers, the Music Bass Booster does as its name suggests. It provides the users with an incredible level of bass! Be it a speaker you are sending the output to, or be a headphone – the Music Bass Booster from Music Hero has to be the ultimate app for all you bass lovers. It comes with ten presets, and also offers a great visualization.

3. Equalizer from Pinpong

android-equalizer-4The app, simply known as “equalizer” is among one of the best Android Equalizers when it comes to the UX and UI of the app. One of the key offerings that the Pinpong Equalizer offers is that of 3D surround sound effects. The app enhances music to a whole new level. It is the most visually appealing android equalizer we have ever seen! It offers the users with  5 band equalizer and a large number of presets too. For those on Android 4.4 or greater, it also allows loudness to be boosted!

Equalizer - Bass Boost
Developer: pinpong
Price: Free+

4. Headphones Equalizer from ManyThingsDev

android-equalizers-5While the aforementioned equalizers are all about all forms of audio output, Headphones Equalizer from ManyThingsDev is among those rare breed of Android Equalizers which provide a specialized output. It is meant for those who are using headphones. It offers the users with a number of headphone-specific features such as headphone calibration, headphone correction, headphone profile equalization and much more!

Headphones Equalizer
Developer: ManyThingsDev
Price: Free+

5. Equalizer & Bass Booster from Coocent

android-equalizers-6One of our favorites when it comes to Android Equalizers, the Equalizer & Bass Booster app, developed by Coocent is indeed one of the best! It offers the users with a 5-band equalizer with 10 presets. It works with most audio as well as music players on the Android OS, and also features a stereo led VU meter. Not only does it allow to get various audio effects, but also helps enhance the audio!

Equalizer & Bass Booster
Developer: Coocent
Price: Free

6. Equalizer from Smart Android Apps, LLC

android-equqlizers-7This equalizer, created by the Smart Android Apps, LLC developers offers 11 presets, as well as the ability to allow the users to create, edit and save their own custom presets! (Premium Feature). It integrates itself with the stock Android player quite easily, and offers a 5-band equalizer, along with bass boosting abilities. It comes with a couple of default widgets, and also allows the users to download other widget skins.

Price: Free+

7. Music Volume EQ from K&K Design

android-equalizers-8K&K Design has developed the Music Volume EQ app, which is one of the most popular equalizers on the Android OS! It has been given a rating of 4 stars, by over 500,000 users, making it one of the most trusted apps when it comes to Android Equalizers. It offers the users with the one-stop solution to all media volume control needs. It releases with a five-band equalizer, and also features a loudness enhancer. For those on headphones, it also provides a bass booster and an amplifier!

8. Equalizer FX from Devdnua

android-equalizers-9If you are on the lookout for a basic, simple app that does not leave you flabbergasted with too many buttons and bars, Equalizer FX is the app for you! It is a simplistic solution to anyone who has the need for an Android Equalizer. It allows the users to select one of their pre-sets, or create custom presets. It also brings in loudness enhancer, and visualizations. However, it keeps it all in a very ‘clean’ interface.

Equalizer FX
Developer: devdnua
Price: Free

9. Equalizer from Nimblesoft

android-equalizers-10Another app that focuses more on simplicity, it is an app meant for those who are not music pros, but are looking for a better musical experience from their smartphone. The Equalizer developed by Nimblesoft is among one of the easiest Android Equalizers available in the Google Play Store. It offers basic controls for users who have basic needs. Nothing too fancy, but all the essentials! It features a five band equalizer, as well as the bass boost effect. The presets are also quite good!

Price: Free

10. Equalizer+ Pro from DJiT


While this app also has a basic version that users can download, we strongly recommended the Pro version of Equalizer+ Pro from DJiT. It comes with a bass boost effect much better than any other apps in this list. It features a “DJ Mode” that ensures that the music playback is as smooth as possible. In addition to that, the Equalizer+ Pro from DJiT also offers the ability to save custom presets for equalizers. It features a 5 band equalizer, as well as an audio player in the app itself!

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