The Apps have undoubtedly affected students’ lives. Today there are apps in the Play store solely made for students. Developers nowadays do not concentrate on shopping, messaging and business apps. So here is a stack up of few apps that a student must have.


LectureRecordings app provides students to manage their coursework by their own. It acts as an audio recorder and notepad, it allows students to record their whole lecture and so they can refer them again for revision.

StudyBlue is an exam preparation and revision app. it is a purely flashcard based app which provides flashcards for revision of a specific course.There is another app called ExamTime which is also a web based app. It has resources which create revision charts, flashcards, mind maps, notes and quizzes.

You can also take a break from your studies and stream services such and Netflix and Amazon prime. They are excellent TV replacements which gives you freedom to watch your favorite shows according to your time convenience. YouTube has also large amount of TV shows and films uploaded.

You can also play various games, the most popular is Clash of clans which you can find in the Play store. You can also follow South Park- a comedy show which manages to potray the current affairs in a light funny manner. It has some major mind-grinding episodes consistently throughout its 19 seasons.

The basic necessity of each and every student is to stay updated with all their friends, they can use many messaging services as WhatsApp, fb messenger etc to keep in touch with their friends. Skype can be used if they want to make a video call to their friends or family back home.

With the high usage of technology by students these days, it is sure that it is going to benifit them for good. Many schools also have provisioned the usage of tablets and develop educational apps for their students. It is beneficial if it is used for the correct purposes.

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