The need to use VPN for Android phone has become ever-more apparent in recent years. After all, cybercrime is constantly on the rise, and an increasing number of online services and websites are choosing to implement geo-blocking practices.

Get the Benefits of Using VPN for Android Phone

When you consider the above, it’s clear that there are many benefits to using a VPN for android phone. In the following article, we’ll delve deeper into them – so let’s get cracking!

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1. Anonymity When Streaming Content

In the current day and age, many people choose to use third-party applications in order to access a wide library of content. Many of these applications can be downloaded quickly and easily onto Android devices, with many installing them on Android TV boxes to watch TV shows and movies on the big screen.

However, it’s crucial that you use a VPN when using third-party add-ons on applications such as Kodi. Why? You ask. Well, if you fail to do so, you could end up receiving a copyright infringement notice in the mail – something that has become a regular occurrence for those who don’t use VPNs while using applications which provide free access to copyrighted material. So, it’s certainly worth bearing this in mind if you want to remain on the right side of the law.

2. Bypassing Geo-restrictions

Many Android users access services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer on their devices. However, you might have difficulty in doing so depending on your geographical location. As we mentioned earlier in the article, many websites and services have introduced geo-blocking practices which means that you might struggle to access the content you want. 

Thankfully, you can make this a thing of the past by using a VPN which has been proven to work when it comes to getting around such geo-blocking practices – providing you choose the right VPN. So, no matter where you are, you can stream all the high-quality content you desire whether home or away.

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3. Disguise your True Location

In relation to the previous sections in this article, another benefit of using a VPN on Android is the ability to hide your real IP address and use one that will allow you to access content from another country or on blocked websites, while also preventing your private data from being intercepted by cybercriminals. 

With online crime constantly rising, safeguarding your information is something that is of paramount importance. By masking your IP address, you can ensure that even when working remotely and accessing private corporate files using your Android device, you can adequately protect your sensitive data.

4. Safe use of Unprotected WiFi Networks

As Android is a mobile operating system, the chances are that you are going to connect to public WiFi networks – perhaps in a coffee shop, mall, or other public space.

While they are a convenient means of catching up with social media updates, checking online banking, or completing work tasks while you are out and about, the problem is that many of these networks pose a risk to your private data.

Thanks to solid encryption protocols used by most Android VPNs, you can ensure that your information remains in safe hands, and you can go about your online life in full confidence.

5. Combat Online Attacks

An unfortunate reality is that cybercrime won’t be disappearing any time soon. But, something that’s particularly concerning to Android users is the ever-increasing amount of ransomware and other online hacks that are constantly scamming vulnerable web users across the globe.

A VPN helps to create an encrypted ‘tunnel’ on your device through which all your internet traffic is processed via a remote server. Therefore, if you use a VPN on a regular basis, you’ll have the ability to fend off any unwanted malware attacks that many Android users fall victim to.

6. Multiple Device Protection

Many VPN services on the market allow you to protect more than one device for no additional cost – meaning you won’t be left out of pocket if you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a VPN across your collection of Android-based devices. 

So, if you have a large family or would like to protect devices used by your employees, you can do exactly that by utilising just one subscription that can be used to provide all-round security and privacy when using the web.

Conclusion of Using VPN for Android Phone

So, that concludes our complete guide to the benefits of a VPN for Android phone users.

To summarise, it should now be clear that getting one installed on your device(s) is a no-brainer – not only for security and privacy purposes, but also as a means of accessing content from around the world either using third-party applications or official entertainment platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. 

Therefore, taking into account the above ensures that you’ll remain on the right side of the law and keep your personal information of any mobile apps well away from any would-be data thieves.

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