Today’s communication is more about internet-based messaging apps. Calls and texts are only reserved for areas with poor telecommunication signals. Social media is on the rise and people talk on these platforms mostly, using LAN for computers and WIFI or data for mobiles.

When you are in a place like Singapore, where businesses are driven by their social media presence and constant communication through messaging apps and collaboration tools/websites, a data-only plan in Singapore is a much-needed service your mobile telecom must provide.

Not only that you’ll be connected in areas where WiFi is not present, but it also lessens your fear of missing out from both work and social life. A data-only plan in Singapore is all you need to keep things together.

Why One Should Get It

Why One Should Get It

It generally costs less to get a data-only plan in Singapore. Why? Simply because you don’t need to pay the additional fee to get the basic call and text services. With good internet and data connectivity, you can make calls and texts via the Internet in Singapore, rendering call and text services unnecessary.

It’s Faster

Communicating thru mobile internet is much faster than relying on call and text. Since most people are connected online, you have better chances of reaching them thru Internet-based apps compared to calling or texting them even on the same phone. A data-only pan in Singapore can do that and more.

Allows Sending of Images, Documents, and Other Attachments

Allows Sending of Images

A data-only plan in Singapore is also convenient when you need to send images, documents, and other files from your mobile. With no allocation for calls and texts, a bigger data allowance enables you to send back and forth files without worries.

Stream and Watch All You Want

Like watching movies and videos? Or prefer streaming playlists and podcasts? A data-only plan in Singapore has got you covered. The bigger data allocation solely allotted for megabytes will allow you to watch a good number of your favorite shows, listen to your curated songs and learn from podcasts even more than with a combined data, call, and text plan.

Stream and Watch All You Want

Game On

What’s hotter than social media in terms of online engagement? Mobile games. As everyone is playing more and more online games, the need for a data-only plan in Singapore is also on the rise. Mobile games nowadays have evolved from aggressive data consumers to more data-friendly apps, but it would not hurt to have a data-only plan with a good deal of Mbs on standby. This lessens the chances that you’d bail out on a game because you’ve got no more data.

Supports Collaboration Tools

A good mobile data plan, like a data-only plan in Singapore, can handle collaboration tools such as ones that need videoconferencing or live updates of projects. Collaboration apps generally use a lot of data but that should not be a worry if you have a data-only plan that gives you enough data to power through your online workday.


To address your data needs, it’s a must to get a data-only plan in Singapore. It allows you to go through your day-to-day activities while staying connected.

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