We have a lot of car gadgets that are quite helpful at our disposal. Although they are helpful, they also distracted driving. In fact, most drivers are in a constant state of distraction. Mainly because of gadgets, but also for other reasons.

Distracted drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers. You may not even realize the ways that you are not giving driving your full attention. This means that you can very easily cause an accident. In which case, you had better have a good lawyer in your contacts.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can stay safe on the road by avoiding driving distracted.

Tips to avoid distracted driving

Tips to avoid distracted driving

1 – Put the phone down

Sending a text message takes your eyes off of the road for a few seconds at a time. At 55 mph, the car travels about 80 feet in one second. Taking your eyes off of the road for 4 seconds to send a quick text will have you travel 320 feet without even being aware of anything in your path.

At this time a car can drive off of the road and hit a fence, tree, or wall. Or, it can smash into a car stopped in front of you. This is just as bad as driving under the influence. In case of an urgent text or phone call, simply pull off the road to a safe space. A parking lot or shoulder is good. Then place your call or send that text in safety.

2 – Just drive

Morning commutes take up far too much time. It’s understandable why people try to use that time to do things they would normally do at home. After all, even an extra 15 minutes of sleep goes a long way.

Avoid doing things like putting makeup on while driving. Or, shaving or any other activity to get ready for work that you normally would do in front of your bathroom mirror.

Even eating your breakfast should be avoided as your hands are occupied. Seeing the road is good, but not having the time to react because you are holding a sandwich is not. People mistakenly think they can multitask effectively. Unfortunately, the proof is not on their side.

3 – Keep pets secured

keep pets secured

Taking care of a pet in the car is very distracting. Mainly because a pet is unpredictable and often doesn’t usually sit still.

Take them in your car in a crate if the pet is small enough to prevent them from wandering around the car. When this isn’t an option, look into a special harness for dogs that attaches them to the seatbelt.

4 – Plan your route

GPS is distracting as it is helpful. Take the time before you go out to understand the route you are taking. This will help you avoid looking at the GPS coordinates often while driving.

Plan your route

Trying to set the coordinates while driving can take your eyes off of the road for a few seconds and leads to problems.

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