Ever wanted to Solve Equations on your Android Phone? As a Student I would say “Yes”. So here comes the AutoMath Android App which enables you to solve equations on an Android Phone by capturing the equation. The way it works is very simple, just start the app and Capture the Equation which you want to solve and leave it on AutoMath, It would solve the equation and give you the result in some milliseconds. Isn’t it great? You don’t even have to type the equation to solve it.

What is AutoMath? How to Solve Equations by Capturing them?

Automath Android App ReviewInteresting! isn’t it? Solving an Equation just by capturing the equation on your Phone, Personally I Loved it! There were many apps like Mathway which allowed you to Solve equation using an Android Phone but that made you to type the equation and as every maths learner knows “How hard it is to type Equations” this app solves all those problems and provides a simple way of solving the Equations. Let’s begin with a small example of the equation I tried. Before beginning this Download the AutoMath App. When you start the app for First time it will show the following screens which are shown above.

Once you use see all the above screens and then you will see a Screen which will use your Camera to capture the equations. This will capture the equations. As shown in the First screens, you should capture the equations in a proper way i.e you should keep the size of the box in a way such that only the equation is seen in the box and not leave much space for the border. While capturing the Equation, once you feel that you’ve done it correct, just hit the capture button and you will see your results in milliseconds. See this is was the equation used by me to solve  and once you get the answer if you want to know the steps through which you got the answer, then click on Steps Button.

Automath Solved

That’s it, You can see that I’ve solved an equation without even typing it just by using AutoMath. Forgot to mention one additional feature that AutoMath has, if you’re camera is not able to read the equation properly or if some part of the equation is read wrong then you can use the edit button and edit that part of equation and get it solved. Liked it? What are you waiting for Share it with your Friends and help them get rid of Equations in maths.

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