Previously we wrote a Review on the Askme Android App and now its time for the Askmebazaar wholesale website to be reviewed and with that we will also be reviewing the Askmebazaar Android app. So before moving deeply into them one should know what is it? so in the next section of the post I’ll be posting what is “Askmebazaar wholesale”

What is askmebazaar wholesale?

Askmebazaar wholesale is a site which was launched by askmebazaar for the welfare of the small buyers and sellers in the market. Usually small buyers and sellers face the problem of procurement of goods and services at the correct places. The small sellers find it difficult to go to each and every buyer and the buyer doesn’t gets much time to go and select the products to be bought, that causes a lot of mess, so askmebazaar launched the wholesale portal to connect the local sellers and buyers together and solve their problem.

Askmebazaar also has an Android App which enables the people to purchase products from their Smartphone, You just have to register and sign in and you can place an order using the app.

How does it work ?

Well it works simple, To use this one mandatory thing which is required is an account on the site, People having account on the askmebazaar wholesale site can buy as well as sell products.
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So here are the steps you should follow to use the askmebazaar wholesale site :-

  1. Register to Askmebazaar and sign in to the site (1000 INR for registration)
  2. Sellers can upload the images of the products they want to sell and Buyers can start looking for the products they want to buy for the purpose of selling.
  3. After searching for the product if the buyer finds the product he was searching for then he can request for the price quotation and the seller will send the price quotation of the product which was requested by the buyer.
  4. If the Buyer is satisfied from the Price and the product quality then the buyer can place an order and the seller will deliver the product to the Buyer.
  5. After receiving the product the Buyer can make the payment for the product.

AskmeBazaar Android App enables the Business to be done via Android Phone.

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askmeBazaar also has an Android App which enables the Registered people to carry their business online. To use the app you need to be registered user and as soon as you start the app you will see the Sign in screen and as soon as you sign in you can search for the products you want to buy, and you can view who is the seller and place an order through this app. Because of the fast payment and easy to use Interface features this app can make business faster.

The Android App is nothing but the website which is running behind, soon it will also have the functionality for the sellers. So that the sellers can upload the images of the products on the go and can do sales through their Android Mobile Phones.

Are you a running a Business? Do you want to reach customers faster and safer? Then what are you waiting for register at askmeBazaar wholesale and make your Business run fast ! I Personally loved the idea and soon will register an account for the business of my Dad.

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