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AskMe “The Baap of All Apps” is here for the review. After reviewing the Android Themer it’s time to review the Baap of all apps. Basically AskMe is an Android App based on a site which enables a user to search for the businesses in the locality, It has the details of millions of businesses running all around you, from a Saloon around you it has the details of the Good restaurants also. Yes, I was looking for a Saloon but wasn’t able to find a good one in the locality I’ve shifted, since it is new to me. But then was searching for something which can show me the places around me, I found AskMe and searched for a Saloon in my locality and got the “Thing I was looking for”

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Using AskMe

Well AskMe is Simply and can be used by anyone who has basic knowledge of using a Smartphone, On starting the app automatically finds the place where you are and it sets the city based on the locality. You find the cursor blinking on “I’m Looking For” when you start the app. In that place you have to enter the thing/businesses/product/service you are looking for and then you have to enter the nearest place or the name of the place where you are and then enter the city, AskMe is smart enough to detect the place where you belong to when it starts by the signals and GPS but still it allows the user to edit the location and search for the thing in any other city. This feature helps out the person when they are trying to travel in a Different city or a different place where they’ve never been before.

AskMe App Search   AskMe App Review  AskMe App Search Results

After entering the details of the service/thing you are looking for, selecting the correct place and the city click on the Search button and then the search will bring in the results of the search query, The search results page will have all the search results and on clicking the Search Result you can contact the place and make an inquiry and if you’ve been to the place before you can also rate the place so that it can help other people using the AskMe App to get a correct feedback about the place.

Was that difficult? It was damn easy, just in seconds you could find some awesome places you were looking for that too without spending much time and money.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Well, you would tell me that there are lots of apps in the market which provide the details of the local businesses and services around you, Why should I go with AskMe? Don’t worry I have the answer for that also. In front of AskMe the other apps are limited because of the following Unique Features of AskMe

Have you Imagined you are looking for Mobile Phones and after knowing the place in the Search Results you get good deals related to mobile phones? No right? But AskMe gives that also, while searching you can get the best deals for the things you are searching for. This is one such unique feature of the AskMe App, It has much more than this, some other features are :-

  • Latest Classified Advertisements based on the Search.
  • Integrated AskMeBazaar enables you to buy things you are looking for from your Smartphone.
  • Information about the Businesses enables you to Contact the Businesses directly and quickly.
  • User Listings Enables users to create Listings of the User’s favorite stuff.
  • Clean and Easy to use User Interface.
  • Post an Advertisement allows businesses to post their own advertisements.

Are you a Business and want to reach people in the locality?

Well, if you are someone who is doing a Business and want to reach out people in the locality, then you can use AskMe for this purpose, Because AskMe allows you to post Ads and these ads gets displayed when someone is searching for thing related to the Ad it gets showed up and the users can get to you directly, without you spending much, without you going and begging for customers! I Loved the app, Let us know your views on it !

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