The Governor of Washington is the highest state office, with the governor being elected every 4 years. The current governor is Democrat Jay Inslee, but the 2020 Washington gubernatorial election is scheduled for 3 November to elect the new governor of Washington.

Asa Palagi, The Youngest Candidate for Governor

Asa Palagi (independent) is running for election, being the youngest gubernatorial candidate for Washington. He was born in Seattle, enlisting in the Army at 17 years of age.

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After returning, Asa went to Washington State University. He is also an entrepreneur, businessman, and army officer, saying that the military has given him many opportunities to encounter high caliber leaders, from whom he could learn something of value.

Asa Palagi’s Profession

Asa Palagi has also served as firefighter, police officer as well as being commissioned in the Army Reserves. He actually worked as a police officer in Oregon but opted to start a security company in Washington, even though he had no business knowledge.

However, together with his business partner, they created a very successful enterprise on the west coast, even while continuing to serve in the Army Reserves. He worked his way up to a Command position.

He also believes in free-market solutions – an economic system with little government control.

How he Fund his Own Campaign?

With plenty of financial expertise on his shoulders, he is even funding his own campaign when standing for governor, making him a hard-working, innovative, legit contender and example to the people.

Asa has witnessed poor leadership in Washington, and with a deep love of Washington, he has launched his campaign for Governor of Washington as an independent candidate.

If he were to become governor, minimalist government intervention and government efficiency are top priorities for him as well as saving money and making sure it is used wisely.

On his Facebook page, replying to a question about his views on a Universal Basic Income he replied that he disagrees with it and that it would lead to inflation. He said that in a utopian society it might be a solution.

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Citizen and Qualified Elector of the State

To become governor, you have to be a citizen of the United States and a qualified elector of the state. There are quite a few duties for the governor to perform such as –

  • Being responsible for the safety of the state
  • To appoint the head of institutions
  • Presenting the state budget, among others.

Though he may be the youngest candidate going for governor of Washington, Asa possesses plenty of leadership and executive experience and his actions are definitely going to affect the destiny of Washington and indeed the world.

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