The question of when, or whether or not to modernize becomes with any heritage system a question of extensibility versus risk. As older systems based on sometimes decades-old codebases age, the chances of a catastrophic failure climb, not to mention growing maintenance costs. Arcad Software modernization solutions have proven that modernization not only protects your business but is a profitable endeavor.

modernization project

Any successful modernization project can be thought of in three integral phases: 1) Analysis of the current system, 2)DevSecOps restructure and automation, and 3) code transformation to modern industry standards. ARCAD software for DevOps is a full suite of technologies that allows you to manage and modernize your heritage system through every step of the process.

During the initial analysis of the current system, one must determine what areas of the system need to be refactored, restructured, or ultimately replaced. ARCAD Observer, a powerful application analysis tool, can be employed not only to get this eagle-eyed view of the system and its limitations, but it is also an incredibly powerful tool for developers to quickly comprehend legacy code. You can greatly reduce your developers’ learning curve with ARCAD Observers simple, intuitive visual interface. ARCAD Observer allows you to navigate your system’s architecture and components with ease and even drill down into deep sub-layers of the code. ARCAD Observer simply gives you the tools to understand your system, and therefore understand where to make improvements.

refactoring the codebase

Once you have a map of your modernization process, it’s time to begin restructuring or refactoring the codebase. When making wide-scale changes to the codebase, the element of risk of a site breaking change arises, which is why ARCAD Verifier is absolutely the way to go. ARCAD Verifier is an automated regression analysis tool that not only saves your developers enormous amounts of time testing for bugs, it also guarantees non-regression of the codebase. ARCAD for DevOps also allows you to branch development so that the modernization process will not interfere with other branches of development.

The final stage of modernization involves bringing databases and languages up to modern industry standards and making the system available to web and mobile platforms. Out-of-date RPG IV code must be transformed into the modern RPG Free-format. ARCAD Transformer RPG is the tool for the job, automating the entire process at near 100% accuracy. Likewise, older DDS database files need to be converted into standard SQL tables. ARCAD Transformer DB does the heavy lifting, recompiling both data and data structures into a modern database format, with automated testing built-in to the process.

ARCAD for DevOps

ARCAD for DevOps is a powerful host of tools that puts the power of modernization in your hands. Many businesses, however, also opt to delegate the project to specialized experts, in which case ARCAD also offers Modernization as a Service (MaaS) where our highly knowledgeable team can manage your project from start to finish.

The issue of modernization for many businesses often becomes a question of not if but when. Modernization can ultimately save your company a great deal of time and expense, and make your system agile, competitive, and all the more profitable in the long term.

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