Android Nougat is the latest android operating system. It follows the material design concept which was brought in at Android Lollipop times. The Nougat has made material design even more lovely and easy to use. Small tweaks borrowed from the iOS has made Android Nougat as the best Android OS update.


A lot of reviewers have claimed that the Google Pixel is one of the best android phones in the market. Besides the Google Assistant, the Google Pixel phones come with a lot of functionalities that enhances the overall android experience. The Google Pixel surely should provide the ultimate android experience because both hardware and software is made by Google.

The ‘App Shortcuts’ on Android Nougat works great on the Google Pixel phones. The Long press functionality just got intelligent at Android Nougat. The previous android versions (not all), a long press just showed the basic options such as ‘Edit’, ‘Remove’ and ‘Uninstall’ and for some smartphones, it showed the same features on the top of the display.

For an instance, when we open ‘Chrome’ we generally open a new tab right? So it would take 2 steps to open a website on Chrome App i.e. Open Chrome App > Press New Tab. But now, it’s only 1 step, you just have to long press on the Chrome App and you’ll get a shortcut saying ‘Open New Tab’ and ‘Open Incognito Tab’. This works very similar to the 3D Touch on iPhone’s, but it isn’t called as 3D Touch as there is no ‘Pressure and Feel Factor’.

Although, it works like 3D Touch, but comparing it to 3D Touch would be an insult to the wonderful 3D Touch technology. We shall expect this feature to roll out on the other android versions, In case the Android doesn’t allow this in previous versions, we surely have XPOSED Framework!