Android is all about customization! There are a large number of custom ROMs, and for users who do not want to install custom ROMs, they too could customize the look and feel with the help of launcher apps. One of the most popular such apps is that of the Apex Launcher. It was among the top launchers for Android users along with other apps like Nova, etc. However, over the years it slowed down, and has not been updated since June 2015.

Apex Launcher, after almost two years of inactivity, is all set to return in May. The developers of the launcher made this announcement in a blog post on Medium. The blog post states that the launcher would return with a large number of new features and updates this time. The Apex Launcher is going to be very different from how we know it to be. An all-new team of developers is now working behind it, and it is all set to be more ‘feature-rich’.

The blog post says that the net update to the Apex Launcher would make it useful for the users of Android 7 Nougat and beyond. The app looks like it is gearing up to return into the markets for the long run, and are all set to offer the gen-next users with all the essential features. In less than a month’s time we are likely to see the return of one of the most popular launchers on the Android OS!

In addition to the new update to the app, the launcher is all set to get new Facebook and Twitter pages too – indicating a fresh start. A new blog has already been introduced on Medium. A new UserVoice forum too has been set up for the users to request or vote for new features. This excites us. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Apex Launcher.