Android Themer Review

Bored of the existing Looks of your Android Smartphone ? Don’t worry Themer is an Android App which comes under the Personalization category since it allows you to customize your Launcher, icons, wallpapers and enable you to add some themes as per your choice.
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Themer comes with a Launcher, Widgets, HD Wallpapers and some beautiful icons which can make your device look really Awesome! No matter what Android device you have. Be it a low-end or a High-end gadget, you can install Themer app.

[alert-note]Download Themer Searching “Themer” on Google[/alert-note]

How will Themer make my device look awesome ?

The Themer is an app comes with a Launcher, HD Wallpapers, Widgets and icon packs which come pre-installed within it and you can also download the new icon packs and make your device look the way you want, You can change the  Home Screen views.

What is a Launcher? Many of the people would be knowing, for those who don’t know what a launcher is, Here you go : In Simple words Launcher is the app which performs the task of drawing all the apps, Like you click on the Launcher and you come across all the apps which are installed in your Smartphone (Some are hidden) so the Themer comes with a Launcher of it own. Below is the video of How to install Themes in Themer and How to use them

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An Android Device basically comes with a Launcher, it might be the stock OS launcher or the Launcher which would have been designed by the manufacturer itself. Many manufacturers like Samsung try their best to give a good-looking launcher and provide a good interface, but on the other hand there are many manufacturers who provide a Laucher which doesn’t looks that good or might be Buggy, so Android being an Open-Source OS allows you to change the internal looks of the device by using External 3rd party apps.

Themer has the capability to make your Smartphone more smarter, How? Themer is smart enough to categorize the apps depending on their Functionality, It auto-categorize the apps which are installed in the device, and due to this categorizing ability you can navigate to the apps at an ease. For an instance the Themer will auto-categorize the Social Networking apps at an place so you can easily find and Launch them. Below is a Screenshot of the Category Tabs.


Themer Smart Launcher                Themer Smart Launcher[alert-announce]The Apps Here are the apps I’ve installed before installing Themer! It automatically gets Categorized into the Popular categories, If it is not belonging to any popular category, then It will be shown in Uncategorized![/alert-announce]

Themer Favorites Tab Themer also has the capability to set your Favorite Apps, If you have Themer  installed in your Device then Open the Launcher and you find 3 tabs, One is the  Category tab, the other is the Apps tab and last but not the least is the Favorites  Tab, In this tab you can either import the apps from the Most Used Apps List or  Import from the Launcher or Add them manually! See the Screenshot of the Apps  in Favorites Tab. The Apps won’t appear their first time you open it, You have to  add them in the way I mentioned above.

[alert-success]So isn’t it awesome, you can make your Home Screen Look like Windows Phone,  Android L and many more other screens! I Loved it, you will also love it for sure![/alert-success]

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