Earlier in the day, Apple made a major impact in the markets of technology. The company has come out with a number of new updates and upgrades, and released the new Apple Watch and iPhone 7. Among these announcements, also came the announcement of Mario! Apple was working with Nintendo to bring Mario to the app store. Mario comes to the app store in the form of Super Mario Run, and endless runner game. It was obvious that it was all set to release on the iOS in the near future. However, the internet was abuzz with the speculation if this game would release for the Android OS too.


A number of companies tend to initially release their apps for the iPhone devices because of a large number of users running the same hardware. This gives the developers a better ground to collect early performance data, and tweak their product accordingly. However, for the Android fans, this comes as a good news that Super Mario Run will not be an iOS exclusive forever.

Android users were wondering about when the game would release for the Google Play Store. To this, Nintendo answered by saying “we do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.” However this is quite an ambiguous statement from Nintendo, and it is likely that Super Mario Run might come for the Android users sometime in 2017.

Super Mario Run is indeed an exciting game. A large number of users wanted Mario on the smartphone platform in some form or the other, and it has finally become a reality. The word is that the Super Mario Run is a paid game, however, it does not have any in-app purchases, which basically gives everyone a similar platform to compete on. Nintendo has never really had a successful mobile phone game developed by them. However, with this game, it looks like things are about to change!