Android Oreo was officially announced by Google just moments ago as the company live-streamed a statue of a new Oreo-clad Android being revealed. The gen-next Android OS is finally here and Google has also revealed all the major features of this OS in their official web page for Android 8.0. Let us take a look at the newly introduced Android Oreo features – and all the sweetness it brings to the table.

Android Oreo Features: What’s New in Android 8.0?


Google straight-up claims that the boot time on Android 8.0 Oreo OS is twice as fast as on Nougat. The 2x speed was measured by the company on Google Pixel smartphones.

The OS also knows the apps that you use the least and ensures that the background activity on these apps is minimized as it imposes background limitations, making other apps perform better and faster.


A major weapon in the armor of this gen-next Android OS, the auto-fill feature now comes to apps as well. Apps can now remember passwords and automatically fill them in for you. This was limited to browsers in the past.

Picture in Picture

One of the most popularly awaited updates from Android Oreo is that of Picture in Picture mode which will allow the users to have a video play in an inset on the screen while they perform other actions.


Google has made this gen-next Android OS easier to use for users with disabilities. The company has brought forward two major changes with this new Android 8.0 OS:

  • Accessibility Button: A new button has been introduced which allows the users to quickly access accessibility features such as magnification and select to speak. This button is available in the navigation bar.
  • Accessibility Volume: The audio experience of the phone can now be optimized based on the disabilities of the user.

Icons and Fonts

Another interesting change that Android Oreo brings along comes to the icons and fonts.

  • Adaptive Icons: Android 8.0 Oreo OS introduces adaptive icons, which means that the OS will automatically adjust the icons in a manner that suits the needs of the user. New icon styles have also been introduced with this OS update.
  • Downloadable Fonts: This OS Update onwards, apps no longer need to come with bundled fonts as fonts can be downloaded and installed separately later.

Notification Dots

A feature that has been one of the most demanded features on Android over the past few years – notification dots finally arrive on Android Oreo. The Android 8.0 UI will let the users quickly know which apps have pending notifications by displaying a notification dot on the app icon.


A change comes to the notifications as well. With the Android Oreo OS update, users would be able to snooze their notifications for a particular period of time after which they would be reminded about these notifications again.

Android Oreo also brings Notification Categories, which will allow the notifications to be sorted and grouped together in a more meaningful way.

New Emojis

Android 8.0 Oreo OS finally puts to rest the much criticized ‘blob’ emojis from Google which have been around since the Orkut days. These emojis have now been replaced with more normal looking, round emojis. These redesigned emojis offer a more diverse experience too as they bring in a number of new characters. 60 new emojis were introduced with the Android Oreo update.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on this gen-next Android 8.0 OS update.