The Android Oreo OS has been out for about two weeks now. Less than 1% Android smartphones are currently running the Android Oreo OS. A number of Android Oreo bugs have been reported in these two weeks. The latest Android Oreo bug causes mobile data to turn off.

A similar bug was spotted last week where users reported that even when their Wi-Fi was turned on, their mobile data was being consumed. This new bug now turns off the mobile data randomly. Yet another bug did not allow exchange mails to sync with Gmail.

This issue is being reported by a number of users on the Pixel Users Community on the Google Forums. This Android Oreo bug stems from the feature that automatically stops mobile data after your carrier-allotted data limit is consumed. The feature was originally meant to help the users and ensure they don’t exceed their data limits and end up paying for data.

However the problem here is that the bug does not consider the fact that some carriers feature exceptions in their data plans such as allowing them to make use of certain apps even after their data limit is over. For example certain carriers allow unlimited WhatsApp usage. This Android Oreo bug might be the result of a negligence towards this exception.

Users are noting that downgrading their phone to Android 7.1.2 OS seems to fix this problem for now. However they are looking forward to a more concrete, permanent solution to this Android Oreo bug.

Google, on their part, has noted that this is indeed a bug and they are working to fix it. A Pixel Community manager has commented on this Android Oreo bug saying, “Hey Everyone, Wanted to let you all know that we are aware and the team has been looking into the issue of getting the “mobile data has run out” notification. This is a high priority and the team is working towards a fix. For those landing on this thread, please include your location and the carrier that you have. Thanks!”

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