Google has been bringing a large number of UI changes to the Android OS with every update of theirs. One of the biggest changes that Google introduced for Android, which is now spilling over to their websites as well is that of material design. With the material design, Google introduced rounder, smoother and more polished graphic style. This is a very uniquely identifiable style of UI. The Android Open Source Project website is the latest place where Google has introduced this UI.

The website has received quite a makeover and almost all the elements of the website have been realigned to better match the material design style. One look at the old website and you would feel like you are looking at something that was designed during the days of Android 4.4. However, with this new and refreshed design, it looks quite pleasing to the eye, and has also been made easy to navigate.

The Android Open Source Project website, for those who might not know about it, is the place where those who want to build and customize their own version of Android OS go to. This website offers to these users the open source code of the Android OS, as well as a lot of instructions regarding customization. The fact that Android is an open source OS has a lot to contribute to its success.

Another change that Google has made to the Android Open Source Project website is that they have made it easier to navigate on mobile devices. This was something that was missing from the previous version of the website and it gave a very bad experience to the users while navigating via mobile. However, the website now has a dedicated mobile view as well as a responsive design. Google is taking care of every aspect of their offering and ensures that they all carry the same visual style! A welcome change indeed.