android oneIf you Google Android One in the Google news section all you will see is “India to be a tough market for Android One”.

Guess what it never was easy to compete in India. But everybody seems to have forgotten the proverb “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. For example on Flipkart at the time of writing other than the Android One devices there are 10 other phones that provide the same specifications.

But there is a catch, Android One devices will actually be the most selling devices in the very near future because Android One will actually be better than any of these devices in the future because of one simple reason Android L the next android version that will first be available on Android one devices.

While other cellphone manufacturers will be trying to figure out which of their devices should be given the Android L update? and does our custom UI work well on Android L etc. Google will just push a button and Android One devices will get the option to upgrade and it will be free for them to upgrade as android one devices come with a tie up with cellular operators for Free OS updates.This will be the first strike and the headlines in all the newspapers will  be “Android One devices get latest android update “.

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To many tech savvy people the latest system update would mean something to brag about, but it will be actually crucial to the General Public. At present Android devices are better than other phones but one thing that they lack is that budget phones do not always have a decent battery life.

With Android L, App developers will make apps that work on all Android versions but will consume less power on Android L devices. So all the user has to do to get more battery life is update the app. User does not have to buy a phone with bigger battery, User does not have to carry a power bank, user does not have to monitor his battery usage, the phone will use the least power that is possible.

This is just about the next Android L release, in Android M or the upcoming Android versions Google might even add a feature to Telecommunicate and the Android one users will have it first. So what is your answer? if you are reading this then please do feel free to post your views.

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