The Android O OS Update is being awaited by everyone who owns a Google Pixel smartphone. Ever since the news broke that the Pixel users would be the first to get this update, users have been waiting in anticipation. However, every few weeks they are met with disappointing news as the update keeps getting delayed. The latest news regarding the Android O OS update has again been quite disheartening.

As per David Ruddock, the Managing Editor of Android Police, the Android O OS update for Google Pixel devices has again been pushed back. The update was originally supposed to come out in late July. It became early August, then mid-August, and it now looks like the update is getting another delay. Ruddock however states that this is an unverified report. However going by the accuracy of his earlier reports, this too seems quite accurate.

Keeping the actual Android O OS update aside, Ruddock also states that the name of the OS is likely to be revealed on the 21st of August, the day of the solar eclipse. He once again states that this might not be accurate. On another interesting note, he also states that this time when they reveal the new OS, Google isn’t going to just launch another statue. They are going to go for a ‘spectacle’, something grander than what they usually do.

Putting together all this information, the least we can say now is that the Android O OS update is not going to come out any time before the 21st of August. Many users have pointed out that the solar eclipse launch might actually hint at Android O being named Android Oreo as Oreo cookies do resemble the solar eclipse a little. However this is merely a speculation as of now. Stay tuned with us for more details on the Android O OS update.