Over the past several years, the Android OS has been booming. It has taken over the markets and holds over 80% of the total smartphone market share. One of the biggest reasons for the success of the Android OS were the continuous upgrades and updates that kept rolling out for the devices. The current version of Android, the Android Nougat OS is one of the finest updates rolled out by Android. However, the focus is now on Android 8.0, Android O. Speculated Android O features have emerged, indicating major changes.

The Android O OS is still quite an enigma. It has been kept under the wraps, and is likely to be unveiled at the Google I/O 2017 event, where a basic idea about what’s new and what’s next would be provided. Google is likely to announce their priorities for this update at the event. However two months before even the Google I/O, a speculated list of Android O features has emerged. Let us take a look at what these features are:

List of Android O Features:

  • New Notifications: It is being speculated that the new version of the Android OS will bring in various improvements to the notifications system. This does not include minor tweaks, but this is not even a complete revamp of how notifications work.

    It will be a moderate change where it is possible that the notifications might be tied to the Google Account of the user. Notifications will become smarter, and will be displayed based on a variety of factors ranging from location, time and device. However this speculation is based on the reports that it was reported last year that Andromeda and Android O OS were merging.

  • App Icon Badges for Active Notifications: This feature would be quite similar to what Apple has for the iOS users for years now. It will provide the users with a one-glance insight into which apps have pending, unread notifications. This is a welcome feature and it is surprising that it wasn’t already here over the years.

  • Picture in Picture Mode: Those who have used Android TV devices might be aware of what the Picture in Picture mode is and how it functions. A similar update is being planned for the Android O OS. This is one of the most popular Android O Features which have been speculated and this rumor has been there for a while now. It is likely that this feature is only made available for the users of Android tablets, but it might possibly be introduced on the phones too.
  • Smart Text Selection along with a Floating Toolbar with Google Assistant:
    Earlier this month it was speculated that Google is working on a copy less feature for the Android O OS. This feature would allow the users to get the text as a suggestion instead of having to manually copy and paste it. However, new leaks indicate that one of the Android O Features would involve a smart selection of text along with a floating toolbar that features the Google Assistant.
  • Restricted Background Activities from Apps: Similar to how Chrome 57 throttles the background tabs to conserve power, Android O too, will feature a similar mechanism. This is one of the various Android O features via which Google plans to save power and maximize battery life.
  • Adaptive Icons: Icons on Android O will feature the same look and feel as the ones on the Google Pixel devices. Speculations also indicate that the Google Pixel styled app drawer too will be introduced to Android O devices.