The upcoming Android O operating system is all set to take the world of Android technology into a whole new era. This OS update brings forward various changes. Google introduced the Android O Developer Preview late in March. Today, during the Google I/O 2017, the company has introduced the Android O Developer Preview 2. In this update, Google claims that the OS now reboots twice as fast. Google has also introduced a number of new emoji with this new OS.

Android O Reboots Twice as Fast:

Google boasts of many new features and upgrades for this new version of the Android OS. The latest claim from Google is that of the Android O operating system taking half the time to reboot than in the past versions of Android. However, Google also made it clear that this statistic was only for the Google Pixel smartphones. Strangely, the company did not point out as to what was the exact reasoning behind why this speed was increasing.

Moreover, a faster reboot time also means that the Android OTA updates would now be installed faster as these updates require a reboot to be installed. While Google introduced seamless OS updates with the Android Nougat OS, they still required a reboot. With the Android O, even reboots have been made faster.

Redesigning Emoji

The Android O OS update also brings forward another major change. This one, we are really thankful for! One thing that many users had often criticized Google for was the awful, awful blob-like emojis that they had. However, with the Android O OS update, things are beginning to look better as Google is now redesigning their emoji, and thankfully, they look a lot better now! Basically, they have rounded up their emoji – a welcome change. Android O will also support the entire emoji 5.0 character catalog, bringing in more emojis.

Emoji Support Library

With the new version of the Android OS, Google also unveiled yet another new feature: the emoji support library. While it serves a greater purpose, the simplest of understanding of what this feature is and how it works is that thanks to the emoji support library, users would no longer face the blank-square issue where they would be met with a blank square due to a missing emoji.

The new emoji support library will empower app developers to now place this library in their apps, which will ensure that all emoji that the latest version of Android supports will be available to users of their application. This is not a 100% solution as even this would replace the blank square with a similar android emoji, and while it may not convey the exact message that the original emoji wanted to, it is still better than a blank square!

Google has introduced a number of other improvements with the Android O Operating System. With the second developer preview having coming out today, expect more such features to be spotted over the next few days!