The Android O Developer Preview 2, which was introduced at the Google I/O 2017, brings forward a large number of changes and improvements to Android O. This gen-next OS, which is still in a beta phase, is already looking very good! With this second developers update, Google has now introduced icons of different shapes to the Pixel users. In addition to that, quick settings too, have received various tweaks. Let us take a closer look:

New Icon Shapes:

With the arrival of the Android O Developer Preview 2, Pixel users have been quite happy. Those testing this OS on their phones now get twice the speed when rebooting their smartphone. In a new update announced at the I/O 2017, Google as introduced different icon shapes for the users.

When Google introduced the Pixel launcher and the rounded icons, it all looked very pretty. Google is now taking things forward and giving the control to the users to adjust the icons to the way they like them to be. Android O’s Pixel launcher now has an option called ‘change icon shape’. It features an option called do not change, which will keep the rounded icons. It also features options like square and rounded corners, which make sense too. However, there’s also an option called ‘Squircles’ and a final option, ‘ Cylinder’. Google is indeed resorting to strange methods!

While features like these have been a part of third party launchers and other custom ROMs, Android is now introducing it themselves. Quite a welcome change from Google.

Tweaks to Quick Settings

With the Android O Developer Preview 2, Google has also introduced various tweaks to the quick settings menu. While we have gotten accustomed to seeing the classic black and teal menu over the years, with this update, Google now introduces a grayscale menu. While they introduced some changes to the quick settings menu with Android Nougat last year, they also brought forward some tweaks this year.

The quick settings menu now has a lighter theme. This is expected to be a controversial feature as an overwhelmingly large number of people prefer darker backgrounds, and are adapting custom ROMs which offer them the same. Google might introduce a way to change the background later, but that is just a speculation for now.

In the past when you pulled down the quick settings menu, the time and date appear together on the top left corner. However, with the new update, the date has moved down and the time on the top-right. The profile and edit buttons too, are now moved to the bottom.