The Android Nougat OS has been around for a little over a year now. The update is the fastest growing OS as of the October 2017 Android OS Distribution. Now that the Android Oreo update is here, many smartphone makers will soon begin pushing Nougat on their mid to low end smartphones too. The latest mid range smartphone to get the Android Nougat OS update is the HTC Desire 530.

The Android Nougat OS update is out for all HTC Desire 530 users on Verizon. In addition to the Android Nougat OS update, the users also get updated to the August 2017 Android Security Patch. The OS update weighs in at almost 1.5GB in size and comes out Over The Air.

Users must know that the smartphone will reboot a number of times during the installation process and they need not be alarmed over it. Also ensure that your phone is fully charged before you begin the installation process as it could render the phone useless if it shuts down in between of the installation process.

Users are advised to download the Android Nougat OS update for the HTC Desire 530 over a stable Wi-Fi internet connection. Moreover, it is best advised to take a backup of your data before you begin the installation. The HTC Desire 530 came out in the February of 2016 and isn’t really an ‘old’ phone, but was still two generations behind the modern day OS update. We don’t expect another OS update for the device after this.

HTC has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of Android smartphones but it has been going through a rough time. Google came to it’s aid and acquired HTC’s Pixel team for $1.1 Billion recently. The company has been a Google partner for years now. We expect many other HTC phones to get the Android Nougat OS update in the months to follow.