The Android Nougat OS has been around for a good six months now. Over the past half a year, a majority of the users have become aware of the existence of the OS. In the latest Android platform distribution data released by Google, Nougat shows impressive growth. The OS runs on nearly 5% of total Android smartphones. It is split into Android 7.0 and Android 7.1 – Android 7.0 holds 4.5% of the total market share while Android 7.1 holds 0.4%, together accounting for 4.9%

Android Nougat’s Positive Growth Rate

An interesting fact has been observed in this months’ report. Up until last month we noticed that Android Marshmallow too, was a growing platform. However, this is the first time since the arrival of Android 6.0 that it has started to decline. Android Marshmallow fell by 0.1% which is a very small drop and might even catch up next month, but the very fact that Nougat is the only OS which shows a positive growth rate is quite a statement.

Android Nougat in March vs Android Nougat in April

As noted above, Android Nougat OS was the only Android OS which showed a positive growth rate this month. Compared to march, the OS has grown considerably. In March, Android Nougat OS was being run by 2.4% of the users. The percentage has grown to 4.5 now! Android 7.1 however, remains the same at 0.4 – we expect to see a jump next month as Android 7.1.2 starts rolling out to all users in April.

Android Nougat vs Android Marshmallow

Comparing it with last years’ Android Marshmallow OS, the Android Nougat OS has shown a good growth rate. If you compare it to the same time last year, Android Marshmallow had reached 4.6% by April, and Android Nougat beats it by 0.3%. Marshmallow however, still stands as the OS with the highest distribution rate, at 31.2% and Nougat has a long way to go.