After months and months of endless speculation, Google has today finally revealed the official name of Android N to be Android Nougat. While the internal codename being used since the beta started rolling out for Nexus users was ‘New York Cheesecake’, everyone knew that it would never make it to the official. Heck, many speculated it to be Nutella.

While many voted for it, Nutella probably would have involved some licensing woes, though they managed to do it away for KitKat. We would have loved Nutella too but well let’s get on the Nougat train for now.

Android Nougat

For the first time ever, the company used Snapchat for its announcement

In an interesting note, Google used Snapchat as one of the platforms to reveal the name for the first time, immediately followed by Twitter. Earlier today, the company had shown off the various desert-named Android statues before finally uncovering the Nougat statue. While the Android Nougat statue may be very simple, the new Android version promises a lot of new features and improvements to some Marshmallow features like Doze, Multi-Window, and File Manager to name a few.

Android Nougat Snapchat

The new Android will also see version bump from 6.0 to 7.0 stating that a lot of work has gone behind Nougat. It will be interesting to see exactly how Android Nougat affects our devices, in a positive way that is.

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