Making friends and new connections are the matters of a few seconds for teens today. They trust people blindly and  consider every individual around their friend.

According to the Pew Research Center, the average number of Facebook friends of users is  425. The reason is their vicious social circle. Even the shyest teen will have a hundred above friend on Facebook, or on any other digital social platform.

Android Monitoring Software

They not only make friends online, but most of the times share their personal information with them using their devices. This can be dangerous if the other person is a predator, catfisher or the cyber criminal, etc. To help your teen make healthy friends only, you can take help of Android monitoring software. The software helps parents in a variety of ways. There are some avid makers of the parental controls who have transformed one software in multiple faces for the ease of parents. Because of them, the monitoring software are now available to all of us in the form of the app too. One such company is FamilyTime that has simplified monitoring.

The FamilyTime Android Monitoring software is available in the form of a web-based application as well as a user-friendly app.

Androidme Monitoring Software 2

Both the applications allow parents to:

  1. Keep an eye on their teen’s contact book and mirror all their contacts with the saved details. This means that they can see all the contacts the way they appear on their teen’s device.
  2. Monitor call logs. With FamilyTime, parents can keep track of who their teens connect with using their devices. They can monitor the call logs with the date and time stamps for every call dialed, received and missed.
  3. Watchlist Contacts: Parents can add suspicious contacts to their Watchlist to receive instant alerts every time the contact is made by either party.
  4. View installed apps: Teens make friends using the apps most of the time. The connection starts there and ultimately is added to their contact book. The one added advantage of FamilyTime is that it lets you see the app from where you can analyze the user group. If you find the app inappropriate for your teen, you can:
  5. Blacklist app: Block unwanted apps installed on your teen’s phone and make them avoid activities or content that is not meant for their age.

This is not all FamilyTime offers a range of other parental features that serve best to the parents’ concerns.  If you want to try this app for free, download it from the buttons given below or go now to your app store and download it from there.

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