Every month, Google releases reports on Android Platform Distribution which give you a good idea of which Android OS is running on a majority of devices and how each OS is growing or falling. For several months now Android Marshmallow has been the leading name in terms of the Android market distribution. Android Nougat has been growing at a rapid pace – and this time we get to see Android Oreo debut too.

Many interesting statistics were observed this month. The only Operating Systems showing a growth are the Android Nougat and the Android Oreo Operating Systems. While it can be debated endlessly if the timing was right with Android Oreo, the numbers paint a strange picture. Oreo has debuted at a time when Android Nougat is still on the rise. Considering Google has sped up the process of launching OS updates, it looks like Nougat and Oreo will both be in positives when Android P comes out next year.

Android Nougat has grown by 2% compared to last month (Split between 1.6% growth for Android 7.0 and 0.4% growth for Android 7.1). With this the combined total percentage of Android Nougat is now at about 17.8% but it is still miles behind Android Marshmallow, which released in 2015 and continues to dominate the Android OS distribution.

Android Marshmallow stands at 32%, which is a decline of 0.2% from last months’ stats. Android Nougat had debuted last year in November and it showed up with a 0.3% market share. If Android Oreo crosses that figure next month, it’ll already show a stronger growth.

The market share for Android Oreo is expected to grow over the next couple of months as many OEMs such as HMD Global, OnePlus, Samsung and HTC have begun developing their builds for the Android Oreo OS for their flagship smartphones. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the Android Oreo platform distribution.