The Android M Developer Preview was out during the Google I/O 2015. It was only available for the Nexus Devices, The only availability on Nexus devices always makes people with smartphones from other brands sad. Recently Sony announced that the Xperia Devices which are a part of the ‘Open Device Program’ can install the Android M Developer Preview.

Android M Developer Preview For Xperia Devices.

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Sony has done a great job by allowing the android freaks using the Xperia smartphones to test the features of the upcoming ‘Android M’s Developer Preview’. But the Android M Developer Preview is based on AOSP and won’t be having the Sony’s own customized UI.

Sony has also stated that it to install the Android M Developer Preview on the Xperia Devices you will have to unlock the bootloader of the Xperia Phone. The company also said that there might be some limitations with the developer preview because of the AOSP base, it has also said, “The Android M Developer Preview” isn’t recommended for regular use because it is AOSP based.

Though the company has taken a great initiative in making the latest version of the operating system available to its smartphones. But it still asks the users to have an unlocked bootloader before the installation of the Developer preview.

Most of the Android freaks already have a Phone with an unlocked bootloader, however there are a number of people who want to experience the Android M Developer preview on their Xperia phones but don’t want to unlock the bootloader and many people would directly want to get the developer preview in the form of OTA update, but since there is a huge change in the base, OTA aren’t possible as of now.

Is My Xperia Device Compatible for getting Android M Developer Preview Installed?

Well, its a great question, since the Android M Developer preview is not available for all Xperia devices, you will have to check whether your device supports the ‘AOSP’ based ‘Android M Developer Preview’. To make your work easy, Sony has already told that the ‘M preview’ is only available for the devices listed under the ‘Open Device Program’.

You can check the devices : “Xperia Devices Listed Under Open Device Program”

Source: Sony official

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