Unlike other Android versions, the Android Lollipop comes with many customization’s which makes this completely different from the existing Android OS versions. However, with many new changes the existing Android users who have been habituated to previous Android versions has created many questions in the minds of the Android users. This post would be updated frequently so in case you have a question then do post here and we would answer the question.

Android Lollipop OS How to's

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  • How to change temperature unit in status bar?
  • How to Add WiFi Hotspot/Internet Tethering in Quick Settings?
  • Alarm has Bugs? How do I add an Alarm? [CM-Based Android Lollipop Custom ROM users]

Added Questions [Update]

  • Boot Time Increased after Android Lollipop Upgrade? Why?
  • Mobile Data Symbol [E/H/H+/G] not showing in notification even if Mobile data is enabled?
  • How to Turn off auto-rotation in Android Lollipop?

Android Lollipop – Tips, Tricks and How To’s

Question 1 : How to change the temperature unit in the Status Bar?

Answer : The Android Lollipop makes the Status Bar more interesting, Android Lollipop allows you to show the weather in the status bar, but one problem which the Android users are facing is, they want to change the Weather unit which is by default in the form of Fahrenheit, but they are unable to do it. However, Here’s a way which would enable you to change the weather unit to Celsius.

In case you are using a Stock Android Lollipop (OTA) which you got from Google (Nexus Series) and Motorola Smartphones then, Go to Google Now Settings and change the Unit to Celsius.

How to Change Temperature Unit in Android Lollipop Status Bar

In case you are using any other Custom Android Lollipop ROM (AOSP based) then go to widgets and select the cLock widget” and drag the widget to the home screen and on dropping the widget, you will see a screen appearing on the screen, in that, just click on the Weather Panel and just tick mark the “Weather Metric” to show Temperature in Celsius and untick it to show in Fahrenheit. Once done, Just reboot your Smartphone. You will find that the unit is changed!

Question 2 : How to Add Wi-Fi Hotspot in Quick Settings?

Wifi Tethering - Quick Settings in Android Lollipop

Answer : The Android Lollipop changes the way the Quick settings used to look in the previous Android versions. The Android Lollipop doesn’t shows many settings such as “WiFi Hotspot” etc. However the Android Lollipop doesn’t allow to add any functionality directly. So to Add Wi-Fi Hotspot in Quick Settings in Android Lollipop, Just go to Settings and Turn on Internet Tethering. That’s it, you’ll see Internet Hotspot being shown in the Quick Settings.

Question 3 : I installed CM12 and the Alarm is not working how do I solve it?

cm based alarm bug

Answer : Lots of people who have installed CM12 Based Custom ROMs and CM12 as well, are complaining that the Alarm is buggy and doesn’t work properly, and when the alarm is being set the icon on the status bar starts blinking, adding alarm is also a pain said a user using CM12 on his HTC One M8. However here’s a way you can get rid of the Alarm Bug in the CM12 Based Android Lollipop Custom ROMs

Question 4 : After upgrading to Android Lollipop why is the Boot Time increased?

Answer : The Android Lollipop comes with the change in the Run time from Dalvik Run Time to Android Run Time (ART) which loads all the apps and services while your Phone starts which was not the case in the previous versions of Android OS. The ART makes the Android Lollipop OS based phones run smoother, and decreases the time taken to open Apps, App Performance etc.

Question 5 : The Data On Symbol (H/E/H+/G) is not showing even if Mobile Data is turned on?

Answer : Yes, sometimes, it might be the case that your Phone might not show the HSDPA, HSUPA, GPRS, EDGE symbols on the screen even when your Mobile Data is on, it might a bug which comes, as Android Lollipop is very new, However you can reboot your Phone or Turn it off and start it to see the Data Symbols back into action.

Question 6 : I’m unable to Turn off Auto Rotate in Android Lollipop? How to do it?

Answer :  Yes, the navigation options have changed and some times you won’t find the Turn off Auto Rotate Settings in the notification bar, and in some motorola smartphones –  you won’t find it in the setting also so what you have to do is in the settings search for Rotation from the search bar and you will find the Rotation feature and you can turn it off!

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  1. hey i followed all u said to the letter but when i tap on the weather panel in the widget nothing happens. ive been tapping for 2 hours now but nothing happens. i can only refresh it. pls help

  2. Hello @davi_jones:disqus, I would like to know which is the Device and the ROM which you are using? in case you are using an official Android Lollipop ROM (Motorola and Nexus Devices) then going to Google Now settings and change the unit to the desired unit.

    However, as said above, if you are using any other AOSP Source code based Android Lollipop ROM, then you will have to go the widget section, find a widget called “cLock” and keep pressing it for few seconds and then put it on the screen, now while you put it on the screen, you will see a screen appearing which will show you widget panel, in case you want to show the unit in Fahrenheit untick the Metric option, and in case you want to show the unit in temperature then you can go and tick mark the metric option, once done with this, reboot your Phone.

    I guess, you tried adding the “Weather pannel” widget on the Home screen, which is not the correct way of doing it! Try is said, if any problem persists then do post out here. 🙂

  3. True Silent mode because everyone hates Priority
    How to turn off device encryption.
    How to get back the old view of tabs in Chrome
    How to pin a screen in Lollipop.
    How to use shooting in RAW API’s that have been introduced in Lollipop….
    Have tons more if you want XD

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