Looks like you needn’t have tons of knowledge to hack Android phones. All you need is a password protected Android devices running on Android 5.x to 5.1.1( before build LMY48M ). Around 20 % (only) devices run on this OS though.

Android Lock Screenbug Bypass

By publishing this article we are not encouraging any one to try to bypass the security password of his/her Friends phone, we are just trying to show the bug and secure the people who might be attack them. In case you find anything wrong about the article, you are free to contact us on the contact page or comment below and we will try to resolve the problem.

How does this bug work?

When you bring the device back to life after pressing the power button, you can see the box for putting the password. If you input a handful of characters, the phone throws up the white flag and allows you to access the phone. There is no particular pattern for the entry of characters, the phone will grant you access for any combo.

A Deep insight into the bug’s operation.

When the attacker has access to the phone of the victim, that’s when there are chances of the attack. They select the Emergency Call option. Type around 10-digit long password. Now Select the password and copy it to clipboard. Repeat it for 10-12 times or so.

When you do it for so many times, you can no longer select the password from the Emergency Call box. Now go back to the main lock screen and swipe left to go to open Camera. Pull down the notification bar from the top and tap on the Settings icon. Immediately the system pops up the password prompt to you. Repeatedly past the password again and again to make the password long. This will cause the UI to crash and soft buttons appear on the screen.

The crashing of the camera app might happen fast or might take sometime. In case it takes time, you just need to bring the screen to life by clicking on any button. Once the camera app crashes, it takes you to the Home Screen where you have complete access to all corners of the Android.

Now, that was the SCARY part of the news.  The researchers at the prestigious University of Texas have detected this bug sometime back. They have already fixed the issue for a set of devices which includes Google’s Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 more devices.

If your device is not one of those devices that got the fix for this bug, there is a very simple solution for you people. Do not use password to lock your phone. Instead, go for PIN or Pattern Lock. Didn’t get an update yet? what are you waiting for? Just change the lock screen type to PIN or Pattern and save yourself. Share this piece with your friend and save him from unauthorized access.

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