One of my Friend asked me Can I earn money by Installing Apps on Android Phone? To Help him Earn Free recharge using an Android Phone. The search for Android apps that provides free recharge and one of my friend found 5 Best Apps that provides free recharge for doing various tasks. Hurry? Eager to Earn Free Recharge? Navigate to “Top 5 Free Recharge Earning Android Apps” ( a section of this page itself)

Android Apps for Free recharge

Earning money from an Android Phone, who doesn’t likes it? Well, if I have a High-speed internet and someone pays me to Download the Android App then why will I not download it? I’m sitting free in the bus and telling a Friend to sign up to a network and I get 100 Rs. who doesn’t like it? Hence I thought that the list should now be brought in front of the world.

Though there are a lot of Apps that provides free recharge/talk time, But I’ve selected the reliable apps that provide free recharge. These apps are only for Android Smartphones but in case you don’t have an Android Phone, the chances of getting free recharge doesn’t goes down, you can install Bluestacks on your Computer system and Earn money by installing the apps listed below. Without wasting a second more, let’s move to the list of the apps that provides free recharge money.

Top 5 Apps to Earn Free Recharge [High Paying Apps]

Mcent – Download Mcent from PlayStore

mcent app to earn free recharge

One of the Best Android app ever when it comes to Free recharge. Many of them have earned High from this App. The MCent App provides Rs 50-100 when you refer your Friend. It is like the other Affiliate models, which pays you commission for referring the App to your Friend. Besides the referral and earning it also comes with many other ways to earn i.e Free Recharge when you sign up, To Earn more from the App, you can download various Apps listed inside it to earn more. It also comes with Some surveys which can earn you free recharge of completion of the survey!

Pokkt – Download Pokkt From PlayStore

Pokkt Earn Free Recharge

The Pokkt Android App is another great app which provides you an opportunity to earn money using your Android Phone Just by downloading the Apps listed in it. So in short this app provides you Free recharge for Downloading Apps. The other way to earn money using Pokkt is you can refer your Friends who are not on Pokkt and earn 5 Rs on each referral. Though 5 Rs is a small amount but imagine you refer 20 people and you get 100 Rs as reward. You can use WhatsApp or Facebook or other means to refer your Friend and earn money.

Freeplus App – Download Free Plus to Earn Free Recharge

FreePlus Free Recharge

Freeplus App is a new Android app, Like the other apps in this list it also provides Free recharge. In addition to the Downloading Apps and Earning this app allows you to earn money for viewing Ads. Like Pokkt and Mcent this app also allows you to earn money for referring your Friend. This App pays less than Mcent but rewards 2 rs more than pokkt i.e you get 7 Rs reward for successfully inviting your Friend.

Amulyam – Download Amulyam to Earn Free Talk time

Amulyam Free Recharge App Android

Amulyam is one of the First mover in the Free recharge field, It used to give free recharges using website for creating quizzes etc. Amulyam gives 40 Rs Maximum for installing Apps. Though the payout is not much high but since the App is a reliable one, I’ve added into the list. Other than Earning from App installs you can earn free recharge by inviting your Friend on Amulyam.

Ladooo – Download Ladooo From PlayStore

Ladooo Android App For free recharge

Ladooo is an Indian name for a sweet, it started late but got popularized quickly because of the quality build. Using Ladooo you can earn a good amount of money to make recharge. You get Rs 12 for every single app you install. Like all the above listed apps you can also earn Rs 10 for referring a friend.

So we told you 5 Best apps that are available in the PlayStore to Get Free recharge and gifts. So now no need to pay for your Recharge. Just simply use all above apps and start saving your pocket money instead of spending on Recharge.

App List Source : RechargeBox

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