Android Marshmallow has been a piece of curiosity and the new home screen shortcut feature added a new taste. Countless speculations have been popping out every day and the latest one is the something that is unique and pleasant to our eyes. That means without accessing the top slider we can directly get into the options of settings. It looks cool and no doubt that it will optimize the user experience to some some extents.

Individual Home Screen Shortcuts for Android 6.0

If you already have Android Marshmallow installed on your Android phone then, you can simply go to the widgets area and add the widgets which you will be using the most to your home screen. It used to be the entire bundle in the previous versions, so if you are someone who would have never touch the battery saver, then you can simple avoid adding it to your home screen.

Such shortcuts not only make accessing things quickly but also helps us in many situations, suppose you saw a amount getting for usage of “Mobile Data”, you might end up looking for Data usage in the settings, having such shortcuts will help you find your data usage on the home screen and save a lot of time.

New Individual Icon For Home Screen Shortcuts- Designed To Optimize the Experience 

Let’s come into the inner side of the new settings of Home Screen of Marshmallow. Though there are only few references available in the web, the design of the home settings says everything itself. Google has placed 1×1 icons with a little bit graphics to understand what the actual option is in the home settings.

A sub menu will appear once any of those option is tapped. So if you click on the “Display” shortcut, The options in the Display settings will appear in a sub menu and you can quickly change them. Adding all the icons might make your home screen look full, but it might save a lot of taps and time as well. So what’s your take on this?


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