Amazon has been a go-to solution for many of us when it comes to online shopping. A global name, Amazon is a major player in the Indian e-commerce industry too. The company has been usually rated very highly when it comes to customer service, but a recent incident has come to light, which showcases the amount of apathy the company shows, even towards regular customers. A OnePlus 5 customer, who wanted to inquire about the status of his order was shocked to realize that the Amazon Prime account used to order the phone has been blocked by the company.

Like many of you, Shyam Pareek too was excited for the launch of the latest OnePlus 5 smartphone. He ordered the phone using his brother’s Amazon Prime account. He was overjoyed when he got the confirmation message. However, what happened next was rather shocking – upon trying to check the status of his order, he realized that his Amazon account was blocked by Amazon India, without stating a reason.

Like any rational customer would do, Shyam called up the customer care support, hoping that they would be able to resolve his problem. However, the experience that he had with the Customer Care service of Amazon India was rather shocking. After explaining the problem multiple times, the customer care representatives asked him to fax his details to them.

The very fact that Amazon India wants users to send them details via fax shows the extent of primitive infrastructure that the company uses in India. It also shows how incapable the company is in resolving a problem. Shyam took matters to the Facebook timeline of Amazon India. The biggest complain that he raises are: Why would you ask anyone to send over a fax in 2017, why did Amazon India block his account without any warning, why has his phone not been shipped or why has a refund not been initiated. The company has left him hanging in the dark, and he is now starting a campaign to Boycott Amazon.

One question that comes to our mind is, why would a company ban someone’s account even after he/her has paid the price for the product and has the prime subscription. We’re getting in touch with Shyam to know if Amazon has responded him with the reason for banning the account.

One thing which has personally shocked us is the way the support has responded to Shyam. I personally love the Amazon customer support team, they’ve most of the time surprised me with their support. We sincerely hope Amazon India and Shyam come to an amicable solution. Amazon is an international giant when it comes to e-commerce and has a goodwill which is acclaimed globally. This is unacceptable on the part of the company.