If you are unfamiliar with SSD, let me introduce you with Solid State Drive which is shortened of SSD. Fast loading is what we all want and SSD effectively provides you this facility. Storage Drives (SSD and HDD) stores data in a non-volatile form.

Non-volatile data means your data won’t get erased by powering off your system. Both storage drives store non-volatile data but SSD executes data more rapidly in relation to HDD. SSD is integrated with semi-conductors chips and NAND flashes instead of the platter that is used in HDD which makes SSD more superior and efficient.

Hard Disk Drive consumes more time to retrieve data as it uses a magnetic head to read/write data over the platter. Unlike HDD, SSD saves files on microchips so it brings data speedily. The good thing SSD is expensive than HDD but it is now reasonably priced.

Due to the ultra-reliability and fast speed many web hosting companies are utilizing solid-state storage drives. Bloggingsilo.com has shared the list of advantages that why you should go for an SSD based web hosting.

Check out the Amazing Benefits if SSD Hosting

Fast Loading:-

If you want to launch a website for business, I would say go for Solid State Drive. As loading speed of your website is the first factor while building a website. If a website takes more than 4-5sec, People get irritated and most probably they will abandon your website and move to another one. Google also degrades those websites that have slow loading speed. As every Hosting provider is not using SSD, that’s a benefit you get by picking SSD over HDD. It will assist your website to rank up over those sites. Consequently, it will help your business grow more rapidly.

Life Span:-

As you know that HDD is based on a mechanical medium(platter) that are far more vulnerable to failure. In case of a hard drive failure, you can still backup your data by using a technique called Redundant array of independent disks(RAID). But the risk is still available to some degree. SSD got a more life span as compared to HDD. As everybody cares about their data. So, it is better to choose SSD to make your business safe and secure.

Execution Rate:-

There is a huge difference between the execution rate of SSD and HDD. As SSD is known for its fast execution rate, so it will assist your websites to manage heavy traffic loud effectively. Quick response and reliable website will attract the audience. SSD is an essential component for websites loaded with extensive content. Alongside using some other techniques using SSD, you will be able to make a big leap in performance for fast speed and thus SEO ranking. SSD manages several requests with great efficiency at the same time.

Power Usage:-

When we talk about power usage, Solid State Drive again beat Hard Drive. SSD’s power consumption is pretty low as compared to Hard drives. When we think about power consumption at large scale like on hundreds of servers, SSD will make you help in saving power and ultimately result in affordable hosting.

Data Fragmentation:-

If you don’t know about data fragmentation, let me define it. Data fragmentation makes disruptions in your data. Additionally, it throws data on different locations which usually makes your website sluggish. In a Hard Drive, there are specific locations on the platter from where it write or read data but if we take SSD in concern, SSD can quickly read/write data anywhere in microchips. Solid State Drive is nearly immune to data fragmentation. In simple words, Hard drives are far more susceptible to data fragmentation.

Getting Cheaper:-

When SSD was newly introduced in the market, its price was high as the sky. However, when getting common in the market, brings a significant price drop. Now almost all hosting providers offer SSD hosting.

Additionally, competition is increasing day by day which is the cause for lowering the price of SSD. But the price of SSD hosting is still high as compared to HDD hosting. There are economical SSD hosting plans available with almost the same prices as HDD hosting.


SSD lacks moving or mechanical parts that make it robust and non-vulnerable to mechanical damage. SSD is assembled by microchips that brings durability to it. It is considerably more resistant to physical shocks. Hard drives are built with mechanical materials, so are more subject to damage and physical shocks.

So now at this point, you are aware of the SSD hosting advantages below are some of the reliable SSD hosting providers.

SiteGround: SiteGround is a popular web hosting provider that is known for its high-quality services and caring customer support team. The company recently increased its prices but the quality hosting they are delivering undoubtedly worth your every penny. They provide well secured hosting by utilizing unique account isolation, firewalls, and pro-active monitoring. Your hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy.

FastComet: FastComet is another all-inclusive web hosting company where you can buy shared to dedicated servers. The beauty of their hosting that it comes with the powerful cPanel which is considered as the most intuitive control panel even for beginners. They offer affordable hosting packed with features like 1-click WordPress installer, Let’s Encrypt SSL, BitNinja server security, and Daily backups.

Bluehost: A WordPress.org recommended and one of the largest web hosting provider. Regardless of the plan, you will get SSD storage, a free domain name for the 1st year, a free SSL certificate, custom email accounts. Due to its straightforward account setting up process and launching a website it is widely popular among beginners. For impressive performance and economical hosting it is surely a worth considering web host.


Hopefully, This article had helped you a lot in deciding, which hosting providers(SSD or HDD) you should select to start the business. If you ask me I found no reason to choose HDD hosting because it will ultimately result in slow loading page loading speed. After reviewing the above-mentioned aspects of SSD, I hope you guys come to know that SSD is more beneficial in every aspect.

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