While the Android Oreo is not out for many devices, an official from HMD Global, in a live video on Facebook, said that all the existing Android Nokia phones would get the Android P update. If you’ve followed Nokia during their events, you might be knowing that they already promised an Android 8.0 Oreo update for all the devices. However, this announcement takes things to next level.

The best thing about the announcement is, even the Nokia 3, a cheap smartphone with not-so-high specs will also get the Android P update. Nokia is also planning to launch the Nokia 2 and as per the rumors, it is going to be the cheapest device from the company may also get the Android P update (Although it wasn’t announced.) This is really going to increase competition for the manufacturers like Xiaomi which has a huge market share in “low-priced” devices.

We’ve embedded the video where the announcement was made. If you are interested in knowing the exact details of the Android P announcement for the Nokia devices, you can simply head over to the video and start playing it at 41:00. This also reminds us of the advertising which was done by Motorola during the Motorola G4 Plus launch, it advertised the phone saying that it’ll receive the Android O update¬†even when the Android Nougat was not launched.

Although a lot of people are still not liking the “unlocking bootloader part” where the company says, there’s no way to unlock the bootloader on the Nokia devices and adds security as the reason. However, a lot of Android fans + Nokia fans have tried to request Nokia to make the bootloader unlockable. We’re pretty sure that the developers and from XDA would surely figure out a way to unlock the bootloader of the Nokia devices.