The face of home security is changing every day thanks to advancements in technology and your home security camera systems. With new features popping up all the time, you can be more prepared to stop crime before it happens, rather than simply reacting after the crime has already taken place.

Alexa and Google Assistant can now work in conjunction with smart camera security system ans most reliable in technological innovation for business like Lorex’s home security camera systems so that you can up your home security game. The following are just some of the features you can look forward to with Lorex’s line of compatible security systems.

Latest Features in Home Security Camera Systems Integration

home security camera systems
Lorex’s Security Systems

The latest features of Lorex’s security camera systems integrate with camera security system devices to help streamline your home monitoring, helping you protect your family from anywhere at any time.

Alexa Integration

Lorex’s Home Security Camera Systems are compatible with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. All you need to do to set it up once you get your security system set up is add the Lorex Home app through the Amazon Alexa app. Then, you and your family can begin controlling your camera security system using phrases like, “Alexa, show me the backyard camera,” or “Alexa, turn off the front porch siren.”

Benefits of Alexa Integration

Alexa can open your camera feed on your Echo devices with screens (although you don’t necessarily need one), your Fire TV devices or your Fire tablets, which means access is convenient and easy.

Google Assistant Integration

The Google Assistant can also be integrated with Lorex’s is the best budget security camera system by adding Lorex Home through the Google Home app. The integration with Google Assistant allows you to multitask and access live or recorded video footage from your security camera using simple commands, such as “Hey Google, show me the front door,” or “Hey Google, turn off garden light.”

Benefits of Google Assistant Integration

You can even give your security cameras nicknames to make it easy when it comes to commands or ask your Google Assistant questions like, “Is the Baby Cam on?” or “What’s on Baby Camera?” so you can check your nursery with ease or other areas of the house based on the camera’s nickname.

Other Features

The device settings allow you to control your best budget security camera system from anywhere in the world right from the palm of your hand. Configure your security settings any way you see fit without ever leaving the couch by adjusting the resolution, starting or stopping audio recordings for certain cameras or selecting smart zones in your home.

Easy timelines give you the power to compile all motion-triggered events into a chronological timeline for quick and easy viewing. So there’s no need to scroll through hours of footage to find the moments you’re looking for. Each motion-detector camera even creates its own timeline, which makes life just a little bit simpler.

Home Security Camera Systems
Power Control Monitor Camera

Alexa and Google Assistant can help take your best budget security camera system game to the next level by giving you the power to control and monitor your home with ease.

The commands function allows you to see what’s happening on any camera at any time, right from your smart device and IT jobs.

With Lorex’s Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and devices, you can change settings, detect activity and more with just the sound of your voice or the touch of a screen.

Step into the future of home security camera systems with Alexa or Google Assistant combined with a high-quality home security system that make it simple to stay on top of what’s happening in and around your best budget security camera system.

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