AI, also known as artificial intelligence is taking the world of recruitment by storm. As AI gains traction, more and more recruitment software seems to be taking advantage of it. It goes without saying that you can’t ignore the impact of AI for recruiting and HR as a whole. 

AI for Recruiting Integration

We sat down with Bristol Executive Recruiters to talk about how AI can be integrated into every part of the recruitment funnel.  Here are some of the reasons why hiring managers and recruiters should embrace AI:

  •   To reduce bias
  •   To emphasize on the human element in Human Resources
  •   To improve the candidate experience

Here are some of the AI trends we expect to see in the world of recruitment:

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AI-Powered Assistants (Chatbots)

AI for Recruiting
Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting

Chatbots have a significant role to play in various parts of HR. In fact, some of the services likely to be affected by chatbots include employee service, recruitment, and coaching and employee deployment.

Many companies are already using artificial intelligence in marketing and chatbots to create that initial engagement with their website visitors. In recruitment, therefore, AI can help to increase the number of candidates who complete the application process and reduce the time it takes to hire.

AI For Building Relationships with Candidates

Some AI applications focus on treating potential candidates like customers. These applications help you to build relationships with candidates, creating a single source of truth for all hiring data and reducing the time it takes to hire.

This simply means the applications can identify priority candidates and even suggest the best times to reach out to those candidates.

Writing the Perfect Job Advert

We often overlook the value of a job advert yet that’s where the applicant’s journey begins. In a world where you need to stand out to attract the best talent, the job advert has to be perfect.

There are companies that assist in creating the perfect job advertisement. These companies analyze the language patterns that cause some posts to succeed where others don’t.

The accuracy of their predictions increases with the number of analyzed documents ultimately moving closer and closer to the perfect job advert. Unfortunately, AI helps little on receiving good cover letters from the applicants.

Eliminate Bias Recruitment

Bias is one of the biggest themes in recruitment. It’s only natural to be biased to some extent. Although when it comes to identifying the ideal candidate for the job, nobody wants their judgment to be biased.

Fortunately, there are several applications of AI that help to reduce bias. In fact, there are plenty of companies working towards a bias-free recruitment process.

Some companies use data and predictive analysis to predict the likelihood of an applicant succeeding in a job he or she has applied for. This is achieved by using criteria such as the company’s cultural requirements as well as those specific to the job. Algorithms then calculate a matching score for each candidate.

In Conclusion

It’s not surprising that AI for recruiting continues to grow by the day. This trend continues to make it clearer that the recruitment market has plenty of innovative inventions and this is just the beginning of the applications and advancement of AI in recruitment.

Keep reading to know more information like this and stay connect with our Artificial Intelligence section.

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