Non removable battery in mobile phones is growing at high rate, A drastic shift from removable battery in smartphones to non removable battery in them is seen. Mobile phones are a part of our daily life as much as the other basic necessities are. Our phones are literally the thing we sleep with and wake up to in the mornings.

Non Removable Battery in Mobile Phones.

No matter how much you love your phone, there will always be some area of concern and when you get a new phone to overcome that problem, a new one pops up. One of our mega concerns are the battery. Either they don’t last long or are non removable or both or they don’t get charged quickly.

Let’s look at the manufacturers point of view of making the phone battery non-removable.

The prime reason would be to avoid tampering with the battery and the interior of the gadget. You see, that would prevent the damaging of the gadget. And sometime people who mess things up because of their own fault, tend to make things look messed up from the manufacturer’s point. So, the company is actually paying for a mistake which they haven’t committed. This way, they can save some of their loss.

According to some sites, when a phone with removable battery gets stolen and the battery is removed it becomes difficult to trace the phone digitally. Another reason for making the phone’s battery non removable is to prevent dust particles and moisture from creeping in. Besides, the non removable batteries tend to blend with the design of the phone and gives it a superior look.

That was the manufacturer’s view point. I’m sure you would be bursting with your set of questions like what happens when the battery is damaged, over heating issues, phone gets hanged, drop into water (accidentally), water damage, etc. Let us discuss them one by one.


Damaged battery: A phone usually have one year warranty, where as the in-box accessories have six months warranty. Let’s say the removable battery gets corrupted after 6 months. You HAVE to replace it with a new battery financed by yourself. On the other hand, when the phone with non-removable battery gets damaged within a year then you can go to the service center and get the problem removed.

Over heating issue: When the phone hangs, the most common way to cool it down is by leaving it as it is or by removing the battery. We must keep in mind that heating/over-heating is always a major setback in any phone. The manufacturers are constantly trying to improve on this fact.

OnePlus 2 has Snapdragon 810 v2.1 which helps keep the phone temperatures from rising. Another cooling technique is via heat pipe technology. This has been used in Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, Microsoft Lumia 925 and rumor says that it will also be used with Snapdragon 820 in Samsung Galaxy S7.

Phone hanging: When the phone hangs, the ONLY solution to restart it is NOT by removing the battery. The power button does come to aid. The OnePlus 2 sports this feature. Another efficient way to keep the phone from hanging is by keeping the internal memory empty. So you can use a microSD card or buy a phone with sufficient internal storage.

Water damage: When the phone is a single unit, that makes it pretty difficult for the water to creep in. If the water still creeps in, the phone interiors are coated with water proof material to keep away the water for causing any damage.

TIP : If your phone drops in water, do not start it. Switch it off and blow dry it as much as you can or put it in the container full of rice. Then you may re-start it. Or you may take it to the nearest service center.

That is all from our side on why phones come with non removable batteries. There are definitely some drawbacks in this field. But the manufacturers are continuously working to do away with the drawbacks. Do you have any more question? Shoot us in the comments below.

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