Smartphone screens are getting bigger, but we can’t say the same for our hands. It doesn’t come as strange that some users have problems operating their device, especially if they are only using one hand.

In this article, we present you the most amazing solutions that can make controlling five-inch or larger screens a piece of cake!

#1: CatTongue Grips

You might be aware that phone grips are an essential accessory to protect your device from damages. However, as the name might suggest, they are also a great way to improve your grip.

CatTongue Grips are the latest trend in the market for a good reason. They manage to achieve the perfect combination of maximum protection, attractive design, and optimal phone grip. The product is adhesive, which means you can apply it directly to your device.

However, the key lies in its amazing resistance to slipping. As soon as you apply the grip, you won’t have to worry about the device slipping from your hands ever again. That will make you more confident when using your phone, and that will also secure a better grip!

#2: Lazy-Hands

Lazy-Hands was designed in a way that will maximize your finger power! At its core, this product is a Velcro strap that you should apply to the back of your device. You will notice the opening where you should place your fingers, and that is how you achieve optimal grip.

The truth is that Lazy Hands does a good job when it comes to ensuring comfortable gripping. However, some might not like its aesthetics. It does involve placing Velcro on your phone, and that can’t exactly look cool. Additionally, you may have problems with storing the device in your pocket as it will need more room than usual.

#3: Ninja Loop

Ninja Loop is an interesting and creative solution, but if you scratch under the surface, it is nothing else than a piece of strong fabric. It will take a minute or two, but you should quickly apply it to your phone.

Imagine it as a long piece of fabric that you should pull through the inside of your phone’s case, and the camera hole on the other side. The product is available in different designs, and it is easily adjustable to ensure an optimal fit.

#4: LoveHandle

We will admit one thing – this product has one of the most creative names out there. In essence, it is a plastic strip that uses adhesion to stick to your device, and a stretchy band to provide optimal phone grip.

If you check it out from certain angles, it does remind you of love handles. Regardless, the important thing is that it can fit a couple of your fingers to improve your grip, and you can pick between various sizes.

#5: Ungrip

Ungrip uses a similar approach to LoveHandle, but its advantage is that it seems more comfortable to use. It also requires you to stick a plastic plate to your phone’s back (or case).

A loop made of fabric is attached to the plate, and it allows you to place your finger inside. Although that may take a bit of effort, you will get plenty of freedom to move your finger as you see fit, which helps you to achieve a better grip.

#6: PopSocket

You probably heard of this product – it is a plastic disc that facilitates a two-finger grip when necessary. It also works as a stand, which is a useful addition.

It is hard to omit PopSocket from any list since it has been popular for years. However, it seems that new solutions are slowly starting to take away their crowd. It’s not that this accessory doesn’t work, but the manufacturer could have used a better material quality for this product.

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