Digital technology is making several advancements and innovations like virtual reality technology are changing how we shop, enjoy our entertainment and view our favorite sports. Virtual reality technology is also enhancing how healthcare is provided and how we explore our travel options.

How Virtual Reality Technology Change The Industrial Revolution

With VR capabilities integrating with new technologies industries like gaming, healthcare, travel and other sectors are all being affected by VR capabilities

Here are 5 industries that demonstrate how virtual reality is revolutionizing technology.

1. Casinos

Do you enjoy the thrill of live casino action? Like hearing the crowds cheering when you win a mega jackpot? What about feeling the tension in a high-stakes online poker game like Omaha Hi-Lo? Casinos are integrating VR headsets to bring customers birds-eye views of live and virtual casino gaming action and events. 

Referred to as an immersive experience, you can tour the casino floor and select the machines you want to play. Or, check out the horse races and try your hand at craps. Other features include letting casino customers talk to live dealers, make changes to membership benefits and sign up for poker tournaments with real money. Expect to see heightened competition from global casinos as this trend continues.

2. The Automobile Industry

Want to tour the inside of a new Rolls-Royce Phantom? What about taking a spin in the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S to test out its 450bhp turbocharged engine? VR headsets are innovating the auto industry by giving customers a front seat driving experience. App features can let customers check under the hood of a new car or check the trunk space to see if a new model can stow all their gear. 

VR is also being used to show different car interiors. Designers can now make changes to new vehicle dashboard layouts before creating a prototype. This will help to save the auto industry both time and money. 

3. Sports

VR is leading the way in making sporting events more enjoyable. With new VR technologies, sports fans can explore a football field before the game or check out a basketball court and get under the rim when shots are blocked (or made!). Fans can even view the locker rooms, attend practices and watch live sports conferences. 

From live events to online sports games, VR gives sports fans access to all aspects of gameplay, favorite players and teams and venues. Expect to see more sporting companies integrate virtual reality with sports gear, events and games for maximized fan experiences.

4. Healthcare

Virtual reality is helping the healthcare industry with patient care, surgeries and behavioral modifications. Behavioral therapists are using VR to help reduce anxiety in patients that might have a fear of crowds or social settings. Surgeons are also using virtual reality therapy. The headsets can help them with complicated procedures like intricate brain surgeries. As VR continues to expand in the healthcare field, expect to see more innovative uses for VR with teaching and patient education.  

5. Tourism

Ready to go diving with sharks? How about taking a tour of the Pyramids? VR experiences are allowing travelers to immerse themselves in new experiences all over the world. 

Tour groups can now let potential customers get an up-close experience that’s more immersive than a traditional video.  VR can help with promoting tourism and checking out new hotels. Tourists can even view the first-class lounge on an extended flight they want to book or explore a hotel suite before checking in. Expect to see more interactive VR experiences for global travel, airlines and hotels.

Immerse Yourself in New Technologies

Because virtual reality technology is useful across so many industries, it’s definitely a game-changer to watch out for. Expect to see more businesses that offer VR experiences as different industries promote immersive experiences. With so many ways to enjoy VR, you may never have to leave the comfort of your couch! 

Now that you’ve read about some of the latest VR technologies, which VR experience excites you the most?

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