Xposed Framework is one of the most popular mods usually preferred by android users to improve the existing features & looks of their android smartphones. In our previous article we discussed about downloading & installing the Xposed Framework in simple steps. One of the major benefits of Xposed Framework is that you can simply disable the modules which you don’t need & hold the ones you want, instead of getting a whole new custom ROM.


As most of you might be aware that there are ample of modules available for Xposed Framework. But we have hand-picked the ones which we find most engaging. Hence, today we will be checking out 5 Xposed module, which every Xposed Framework user must have, in order to make the most out of Xposed Framework.

1. Xposed AdditionsXposed-Additions-Module-for-Android-05

Xposed additions assigns you some more power to control the reaction of your device on event like USB plug/unplug. You can change the actions performed on a particular long button press & reassign the functions to different hardware keys. Further, adding new rules for button is very simple. You just gotta tap ‘Add Button’ & you’ll be prompted for the choice of button you want to assign the task.

2. XuiMod


XuiMod basically empowers you to alter the System GUI & animations of your smart phone. You can change the way clock & battery bar appears, change their background color, etc. One of the interesting features is animation. Choose among different types of effects which come into play when you scroll the screen. Moreover, you can selectively apply these effects, for example you can choose effect 1 in contact list & effect 2 in the gallery. You’ll also have the provision to tweak the lock screen & apply various effects.

3. KeepChat


Well, this is one of the most useful apps for the active SnapChat users. KeepChat will automatically saves all the SnapChat images you open. You can have the SnapChat videos saved as well using KeepChat.

4. XBlast Tools


This mod is a blast of various features which will help you control different aspects of your device. XBlast Tools covers everything, controls, fonts, GUI, etc. Status bar, Navigation bar, Notification panel, Visual tweak and in short XBlast Tools leaves no stone unturned in customizing your android smart phone. So you can twirl into a new combination every now & then.

5. Tinted Status Bar


Tinted Status Bar is again an interesting & fancy module. Using Tinted Status Bar will allow you to change the color of status bar on your screen with respect to the active application. As you can see in the image below, the mod will adapt the color of status bar according to the application in use. You can also manage the manual editing using Tinted Status Bar.

So, these were the 5 Xposed modules every Xposed Framework user should have. Though there are many other good modules like Maximize widgets on lock screen, Multi-zone Clock, Dynamic notifications, Boot Manager, etc. And there are many more mod which you can try according to your requirement. I hope you find the above listed 5 Xposed Framework modules interesting & you would try them out.

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