Motorola Moto X Pure Edition comes with “Quick charging” in built. The company claims that 15 minutes of charging the Moto X Pure charger Edition can keep it alive for 8 hours.

The ability to get charged quickly is the reason why many people have bought it over the other existing alternatives to OnePlus Two.

Besides specs, quick charging is the main reason why people are looking forward to buy the Moto X Pure Edition.

Most of the companies ask the users to use the official chargers, Most of us either broke the charger or lose the charger in 3-4 months after buying the phone. If your Moto X pure losing charge while charging then read this post carefully.

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Since the Moto X Pure Edition comes with “Turbo Power” which requires a standard quality charger to function properly. Using an unofficial charger or a bad-charger can mess up with the quick charging.

Sometimes the charging time could also increase and battery life may become less. Hence, to avoid such circumstances, Here is a list of 5 best quick chargers for the Moto X Pure Edition.

[alert-note]Before showing the best Moto X pure charger, we will tell you more about quick charge and show you the difference between quick chargers and conventional chargers to clear your doubts.

How Does Quick Charging Work?

When the battery is below 10%, it charges super fast and charges up to 50% in around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it charges slowly, but it charges quicker than those older chargers.

This video shows quick charging by Qualcomm on the Nexus 6 which is quite similar to TurboPower Charging on Moto X Pure.

The chargers which we used to get earlier consumed 2-3 hours to charge a device completely. But with Moto X Pure we get 0-100% charged in just 80 minutes and just 15 minutes of charge will keep it alive for a long time i.e.

All the smartphones support equal good charging speed. So it’s time to change those old slow chargers and replace with the below mentioned super quick charging chargers, which is very convenient and easy way to go.

1. Motorola TurboPower Charger

The Motorola box includes one TurboPower charger for Moto X but the USB cable is not detachable. If it breaks you just have to get all together a new charger. There is also a Moto TurboPower Car charger which comes with a detachable USB cable.

Moto X pure charger

These claim to work for 8 hours max, only after charging the device for 15 minutes, but it might be a different scenario in real world. This charger is for Moto X implicitly, but other chargers when tried out work quite well.

2. Aukey Quick 2.0 Charger

Aukey Quick 2.0 Charger also supports fast charging. It is available on Amazon and is a Qualcomm-certified Quick Charge 2.0 charger. It works as good as Motorola’s fast chargers, but could be tad slower than them. It is available on cheaper rates.

 Moto X pure charger

While charging the device, the “Turbo charging” notification won’t appear on the screen, instead a normal charging notification would appear when moto x pure losing charge while charging. It also charges your Moto X slower than it’s own dedicated charger.

3. Anker 18w Quick Charger

Anker 18w Moto X pure charger is one of the quickest chargers available. Anker is also well known for manufacturing  10ft micro-USB charging cords. This charger works pretty good with Moto X  Pure Edition.

 Moto X pure charger

It is a certified charger which will charge your device up to 75% faster than those old chargers. It has a high 2.0 amp output. It is also faster than those typical 2.4 amp output chargers, as it has Quick Charge 2.0 technology inside it.

4. The Tronsmart 3-port Quick Charger

The Tronsmart 3-port Moto X pure charger is a port charger. It has a Quick Charge 2.0 port in which you can plug your Moto X Pure Edition while in the other two high speed 2.4 amp ports you can charge your other devices. It is a perfect traveling charger.

Moto X pure charger

5. Incipio Quick Car Charger

Incipio Quick Car Charger is an awesome car charger, which allows charging the device with the same speed like you charge at your home, so if you are a travel who travel a lot in car, then this can be the ultimate solution to your Moto X Pure Edition’s quick charging. This charger can charge your battery up to 50% within.

Moto X pure charger
Incipient Auto Charger-quick-charge-2-0-a_1

All the chargers mentioned above are quick chargers which will make charging the Moto X Pure Edition quicker and safer. So without much ado, get one of them and save your time with this gadget, as we know “Time is money” isn’t it?

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