Android Keyboard Apps have made it really easy to type texts. Gone are those days where we were charged for every character we type. Even the telegram has become extinct in our country. Yet, every once in while we come across that one friend who responds to you in SMS lingo; “K.” “V ll b r8 dere” “F9” “I dnt thnk I cn cum”. Really? To overcome a single character ‘e’, you decide to make ‘come’ as ‘cum’. We will be sharing the Best Android Keyboard Apps for Android Phones.

Best Android Keyboard App

The SMS lingo certainly made us learn short hand at short notice. With the ardent rise of Whatsapp and Hike, SMS is no more the primary instant messaging medium. I mean SMS is so 2010-ish. Anyway, thanks to the modern android keyboard apps which are a great value addition to power smartphone users. We don’t need to be conservative on typing, be it chats or mails, swish and swipe does it all.

5 Best Android Keyboard Apps for Android Phones.

1.) Best Android Keyboard Apps: Google Keyboard.

First stop is the stock google keyboard application. The swipe function works smoothly along with voice commands and emojis. Being a stock application, nothing worth noting can be mentioned when it comes to design and feel. It is designed just to work for basic purposes.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android - Google Keyboard

The design may hinder your typing speed at times. There aren’t many themes for the keyboard to tackle its cons. If you are an ardent user of the ‘Enter’ key, you may not be very lucky with this keyboard. The biggest advantage of the stock keyboard is the languages it supports and responsiveness.

[appbox googleplay]

2.) Best Android Keyboard Apps: Swiftkey Keyboard.

Swiftkey keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps in the market. It is so good that it is used as default keyboard in flagship phones such as the Oneplus Two. No wonder it is the best replacement for your stock keyboard app. The design is easy to the eye.

The best part of the app is the prediction. Though it supports most of the languages, it also adjusts itself to your lingo for prediction. The customization for the keyboard is limited to an extent but should suffice for a moderate user.

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey]

3) Best Android Keyboard Apps: Touchpal Keyboard.

When it comes to speed, there is no doubt Touchpal Keyboard beats the competition out of water. Touchpal is all about speed, speed and speed. The icing on the cake is its customization. The keyboard can be customized the way the user needs to enhance speed. The gestures are very useful for speed typing. The keyboard can be customized to include numbers on the top.

It’s prediction engine is as good as Swiftkey. The languages supported, however may be limited to a few. The downside of the app is that it is a pretty heavy app to run in comparison. Slower chipsets may face the heat running this app and have impact on response time. If you are a power user of your keyboard, Touchpal is for you.

[appbox googleplay id=com.cootek.smartinputv5]


4) Best Android Keyboard Apps: Ginger Keyboard.

Ginger keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps of the 2015 on Google PlayStore. Though it is rated below all the other keyboard apps listed here other than Google keyboard. What makes it stand out in the crowd is its features.

Best Keyboard Apps for Android - Ginger Keyboard

Without any doubt, this is the most feature rich keyboard out there. The design is very much like a normal keyboard but it packs in many utilities such as option to place most used apps, quick games, news etc. in its dashboard.


Another distinguishing feature is its grammar and spell check. I wouldn’t say the themes are elegant. There aren’t many themes to talk about either. The languages supported are very limited. This is the ideal keyboard for a professional.

[appbox googleplay]

5) Best Android Keyboard Apps: Fleksy Keyboard.

The work ‘fleksy’ may sound similar to ‘flexi’ but do not carried away so easily. I wouldn’t give full marks for its customization. But, it’s a ‘fun’ keyboard to begin with. Based on a minimalist design that is rather appealing as compared to other apps, the app is not so easy to tame.

Best Android Keyboard - Fleksy

The uniqueness of Fleksy is the ability to customize the layout of keyboard from QWERTY to AZERTY, QWERTZ etc. The app packs unique customization’s for users with unusual needs. It can be very appealing on larger screens.

The app also boasts of GIF support but it may not be helpful in case of all the IMs as the receiver may/may not be able to view them. This app is ideal to rekindle the inner artist in you.

[appbox googleplay com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard]


Best Android Keyboard Comparison ChartThe usual keyboard we use for desktops has 104 keys. Many laptops exclude the numeric keypad to conserve space and utility. Keyboards are now coming in various sizes and styles.
It is no easy deal to fit in the most number of keys the most efficient way in a space that is barely one eighth of a conventional keyboard. In the end, what matters is how comfortable the user is in using the keyboard.

  1. Google keyboard is heavy according to my experience. Swiftkey is what I have been using for a while and pretty impressed with the sophistication. Good compilation.

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