Many people have a habit of taking their Android phone wherever they go. The phone is small, light, and easy to carry unlike a tablet which is larger and can cause your hand to become tired quickly after holding for a while. For this reason, people would dream of having the luxury of watching movies on their mobile while on the go. The following are 4 ways to watch movies on your Android phone.

4 Ways on How to Watch Movies on Your Android Phone


  1. Download Movies with Video Download Extension

You can use extensions to download movies on video sharing platform like YouTube and Vimeo through your browser. It is not illegal to download streaming videos as long as it does not violate the terms of use in the video license. Many of the videos uploaded on YouTube have Creative Commons license. You can find out what type of license the video has by checking the information box which can be found below the video.

You must navigate to the add-on section and search for keywords like YouTube download. After you found a suitable extension, you can install it by pressing the Add button. When the extension is activated, you will see a download button under the video. Currently, Chrome does not allow the use of a video downloader extension on YouTube. However, you can use other browsers like Firefox to download the YouTube videos with an extension.

After the movie is downloaded, you can use a video converter program like Movavi Video Converter to convert the movie you download into a compatible format for watching on your Android. Some extensions don’t offer option to download the movie in MP4 for watching on your mobile. If you download it in MPG, you will have to use the video converter to convert it into a MP4. To convert mpg to mp4, first open the video file by dragging it into the drag and drop interface in the software.

Next, you can go to the Video tab, and select the MP4 format, which is the format you want to convert your MPG video into. The last step is to press the Convert button and your video will be converted in 1 minute. The converted video will be saved in the default folder unless you specify it by clicking on the folder button.

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4 Ways on How to Watch Movies on Your Android Phone

  1. Subscribe to a Video Streaming Giant

You can also subscribe to a video streaming giant for a monthly subscription fee. By subscribing, you will be able to stream video for as long as you want for 24/7 as long as you pay the monthly subscription fee. However, you cannot keep the videos that you watch on your phone storage. Some of the leading video streaming giants are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube TV.

  1. Subscribe to TV Networks Online Streaming

Apart from these video streaming giants, there are also networks that offer streaming of video content broadcast on their networks. Some provide apps that give access to video content on a specific cable subscription. They also offer standalone apps to allow you to stream videos on their network without having to subscribe to a cable plan. Some of these standalone apps are DirecTV, and HBO Now.

  1. Download the Movie at a Digital Store

Another option is to purchase the movie from a digital store. The problem with paying for a video streaming subscription is that they don’t let you keep the video content. There will be lots of time, when you click on a movie on a video streaming platform, play it halfway and then forget about watching it.

When the subscriptions end, you will not be able to access the content anymore. By choosing this option, you can stream the movie you purchase on the phone and a copy will also be downloaded on your phone storage. Besides, you also don’t have to be committed to pay a monthly subscription fee. Some of the places where you can purchase and download movies are Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, and Plex.

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